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Os poetas da Inconfidência Mineira

21 Apr

In the late eighteenth century, more precisely in the year 1789 a revolt was Inconfidenciaaborted by the then government of the captaincy of Minas Gerais, in Brazil, against, among other things, the execution of spills and Portuguese rule.

Pour consisted of the following, Portuguese law created when the gold mines started to run out, each holding region should pay 3307 pounds of gold (1500 kilograms) per year to the Portuguese crown, but soldiers entered the family house to withdraw the belongings to complete the amount due.

Besides the lieutenant Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, known as Tiradentes the group was formed by poet Tomas Antonio Gonzaga and Claudio Manuel da Costa, the owner of Ignatius Alvarenga mine, Rolim priest, they created the motto that is the mining flag to the today: Libertas Quae Sera Tamen (Freedom albeit Late).

In the collection of Cecilia Meirelles in the collection of Ballads Inconfidência poems, she tells the story of Mines, in one of his verses:

E diz o Poeta ao Vigário,                            And the poet says the vicar,:
com dramática prudência:                      with dramatic prudence
“Tenha meus dedos cortados                 “Keep my fingers cut off
antes que tal verso escrevam…”            before such write back …”
ouve-se em redor da mesa.                       hear around the table.
E a bandeira já está viva,                            And the flag is already alive,
e sobre, na noite imensa.                          and on, the immense night
E os seus tristes inventores                      And his sad inventors
já são réus – pois se atreveram               They are already defendants –are dared
a falar em Liberdade                                    speaking in Freedom
(que ninguém sabe o que seja)                (No one knows what it is).
There is controversy about the history, because many conspirators were slaveholders and also the fact that fought for the independence of Minas Gerais, since there was a national identity, which is also necessary to remember these days, regionalism and immense inequality between states and citizens within the country.