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The third way democratic

25 Apr

With the ability of the Senate to open the impeachment of President QuemDilma Roussef, open up the possibilities of Michel Temer to take, but it can be prevented with the President, then was Eduardo Cunha take, but the proceedings in the Supreme Court would not allow and finally left Senator Renan Calheiros, who could call new elections, but …
If he decides to rule, remember a not too distant past that in 2007 he was accused of having expenses paid by lobbyist Claudio Gontijo, the construction company Mendes Junior (Buildings) and the money was backing the pension and rent of the journalist Monica Veloso, with whom the senator has a daughter, he resigned to not lose the mandate and then returned in 2010.
Going back further in time, the Collor government, was leader of the government support base in the House, and then with Itamar Franco, was president of a subsidiary of Petrobras, senator in the government of Fernando Henrique Cardoso was appointed Minister of Justice.
He’s with various processes in the Lava-Jato (corruption process in Brazil), and still may be the only option in the case of any impediment government Dilma is the sad reality of the country, lack decent options.
In a probable judgment that would bring together all democratic forces in the country, it seems that would be the only option, but we must demand direct elections immediately, also Renan has no reliability for the eventual impeachment, govern and get unite the country.
Missing people really interested in hearing the claim of the streets and unite the country, missing on all who are capable of doing this, so we were a hard struggle in which we can all lose.