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Asus shows Zenfone 3

31 May

The fair Computex technology will begin this week in Taiwan, but before you startZenfone3 Asus has already shown its new smartphone Zenfone 3 with a designates with Gorilla Glass 4 guard in front and aluminium box in background, and a 6 GB memory, much higher than the 2 GB iPhone.

The Zenfone 3 is more ergonomic with a 5.5 inch screen, Full HD resolution, digital sensor to unlock the Snapdragon 625 processor, 4 GB of RAM and battery 3000 mAh. It is more powerful than the Intel line of its previous products.

It has two other versions, Deluxe 5.7 inch, Snapdragon 820, Qualcomm and also higher resolution cameras 23 MP and 8 MP while the Zenfone Ultra has the screen as a differential: it has 6.8 inch screen, a Snapdragon processor 652 more efficient, coupled with 4 GB of RAM and a battery of 4,600 mAh. .

Will comment on other news at the start of Computex, which starts the day in Taiwan, are expected news on Smartphones, laptops and ultrabooks.


(Português) Democracia, transparência e a crise

30 May

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(Português) Como termina o Mercador de Veneza

28 May

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Merchant of Venice and Brazil

27 May

OMercadorVenezaThe Merchant of Venice is work most controversial and talked of Shakespeare done in the late 1500s, a period of discoveries and our view of the Renaissance decadence and early idealistic project of modernity, is also the period that Jews are expelled from England (1290-1655).


The merchant is therefore a typical caricature of the time, which sparked controversy and gave a major highlight of Shakespeare, is a villain, a Jew named Shylock, a type somewhat despicable, whose victim Christian Antonio, citizen successful Venice, which lends money to a bankrupt nobleman named Bassanio, who wants to marry Portia, a beautiful heiress who lives on the continent in Belmonte.


Antonio, however should get the loan with Shylock, owner of a fleet of ships, which is to place as collateral a pound of flesh.


His friend Antonio agrees to lend you the capital required for him to travel to Belmonte on the mainland, where he lives Portia. Antonio is a merchant, his fortune is invested in a fleet of merchant ships in foreign waters. Then he makes a loan from Shylock, a Jewish mercenary who agrees to lend the money since Antonio commit a pound of his own flesh as collateral. Bassanio comes Belmonte and learns that to win the hand of Portia will have to undergo a test involving three chests left by the girl’s father before he died.


Thanks to a trick of Portia he does well, but soon after the wedding comes the news that Antonio boats wrecked and he lost all his fortune, with his life now in the hands of Shylock. Bassanio then back to Venice as Portia architect a plan to save Antonio and Bassanio test the love for her.


The rich girl Portia are the national wealth, Anthony and his friend Bassanio are politicians to be in power stop living from the beautiful girl heritage, Shylock are corrupt businessmen and lobbyists who committed the national political system providing “services”.


In Brazilian parable Portia, can mean the people and justice, is a plan to test Bassanio, if your love for her is true, it means giving power to “love” his people.


(Português) Substância e transubstanciação

26 May

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(Português) A natureza e o homem separados

25 May

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(Português) A crise 2º. Ato

24 May

A crise 2º. Ato

O governo interino Michel Temer, adotou a pragmática do poder dos primeiros ministros para garantir a governabilidade, e os técnicos no segundo escalão para tentar recompor as perdas da crise no plano econômico e estrutural do país.

O primeiro plano já revela problemas, uma vez que um ministro importante foi pego em gravação, é bom que se diga anterior ao impeachment, onde manifestava um interesse de barrar a operação lava-jato que investiga os crimes de corrupção no país.

O fato que é necessário manter determinados políticos no primeiro escalão de governo para passar propostas que são impopulares poderá levar o governo à ingovernabilidade, o que seria neste caso um paradoxo, para garantir a governabilidade chegou-se a ingovernabilidade.

Agora começam as medidas de técnicas de combate a crise, a saber o aperto nos gastos públicos e os cortes a médio e longo prazo (o caso da previdência) nas contas da governo, embora necessários poderão não ter a legitimidade de governo que daria crédito às medidas adotadas.

Hoje começa a segunda batalha, ou o 2º. ato do governo, considerando a nomeação dos ministros o primeiro ato, medidas duras são necessárias, mas há legitimidade e respeito popular para toma-las ? é uma preocupação, mas não há uma resposta certeira possível.

Vamos de crise em crise, qual é o fundo do posso, o que parece movê-las é o combustível da corrupção, neste caso este fogo da crise não se pode apaga-lo com mais gasolina, denuncias de pessoas de governo envolvidas em corrupção, neste caso o último ato possível é novas eleições, não consigo vislumbrar outro horizonte.


IoT is arriving  

23 May


If we have 7 billion people in the world, of which nearly 5 billion areBillionDevices connected, the number of devices is 50 billion and the connection between devices may be even more surprising change that has happened to the internet.


The protocols until recently were reduced, now new patterns begin to emerge beyond the known BlueTooth, arrives with force now ZBee or ZigBee.


The BlueTooth also evolved into the BlueTooth Low-Energy (BLE) or Smart Bluetooth, as old and known protocol for the Internet of things remains strong, since energy consumption is a significant item for the adoption of IoT technologies.


But ZigBee is growing in number of applications and devices, and start earning much interest in developers used in automation of homes, buildings and industrial areas, use an IEEE 802.15.4 standard protocol that is an industry standard wireless technology that operates to applications in the 2.4 GHz range require little data exchange and operate a range of 100 m, so excellent for homes, buildings and industrial.


An evolution of ZBee is the standard RF4CE which has some advantages for complex systems with low power consumption, high security, robustness and high scalability with the addition of nodes and can be inserted into wireless sensor control networks for M2M applications (Machine to Machine) in the IoT.


The latest version is ZBee 3.0, which unifies all ZigBee standards into a single standard.


There are other standards will comment in the next posts.


The fair and the right

20 May

The subjects previously treated about peace almost inevitably leadDiversidade us to the right, this reminds us of the work of Norberto Bobbio: The Age of Rights.

The hypothesis of his work is: we are in the era of rights due to the paradox of excess power that it created conditions for nuclear war of extermination against the excess of powerlessness that condemns the massive human hunger, but we could tell by extension the war and more recently into exile or exodus, exile without upheld.

The challenge put in terms of ethics of the Other is not the right reasons, or one of the alternatives that we propose is to create a ontoética, but how could we guarantee them?
It is the concern of many politicians, thinkers and agents of peace, which is the safest way to secure them, it is useless to make solemn declarations and then violate.

Bobbio criticizes in his work the ineffectiveness of such rights protection, “abstract dogmas, metaphysical definitions, axioms more or less literary, or more or less false, sometimes vague, sometimes contradictory” (Bobbio, 1991)

Faced with this ineffectiveness, what the real problem in relation to fundamental rights, ie legally the procedural instrument would be practical for an end to what was created.

In legal terms would require a hermeneutics about the right stuff? It is a question for the lawyers, but would like to respond in a practical way, using onto-ethtics.

It would require international bodies, independent of economic, political and ideological to guarantee the right to manifestations of “singularities”, why minority classification, subjectivities, beliefs and nations seem insufficient.

What some people need to survive, what they consider ideal and how it can establish the peaceful coexistence of intersubjectivities? Are these issues.


(Português) A paz e a autonomia

19 May

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