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The fair, being and peace

18 May

The justice and peace seem distant be considered idealistic categories, butOoutro recover the ontological concept, so justice will be present in the human being as being, and peace as human need to live a healthy life, then we must understand the ontological mode , justice as fair and peace as the pacific, the “peace-maker”, and also want ethics as ontoética.


These thoughts are present in contemporary thinker Emmanuel Levinas (1906-1995), which initially influenced by Edmund Husserl, later by Martin Heidegger, his existential experience in the concentration camps takes a new concept beyond the individual and the person, the Other, in which reassesses his way of thinking, otherness.


Respect, consideration and coexistence with the Other, must not have prerequisites, must first of all “The other has to be what it is and I have to be what I am” (Levinas, 1980 p, 27 but we must understand that this ethic is not a conventional ethics.


Levinas defines it, the light of the doctrines of law, such as:
“If my right has meaning only in relation to other rights, whose action or remedy are assumptions in the recognition or exercise of my right, the right of the Other and has always precedes mine. The (right) Another comes first; before my right and before my identity as organized by rights, it is my duty, my radical turn toward the requirement to respect the existential integrity of the other. Non-essential essence of human rights, the elusive universal involved in all the particular demands of law may be the recognition of the priority of another person whose existence my makes me ethically limited and open to me the field of inter language and right “(Levinas, 1980, p.73).
This implies a new dimension of the right to not judge the other from himself, but from the infinite, and that there enshrines the theory of intersubjectivity (The subject is that there is a lack), and therefore want the other, but the other is reduced by my knowledge of the world, which is limited to my worldview.


Levinas, Emmanuel. Totality and Infinity: essay about exteriority, USA: Springer Science & Business Media, (page numbers in portuguese edition), 1979 (In portuguese: 1980) .