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New service by satellite is effective

30 Jun

Yes, and already arrived in the Brazil, at an event held on TuesdayHughestnet morning (28/06) American company Hughes announced his arrival in the country, providing broadband satellite service throughout Brazil, the company actually it operates since 1968 when satellite services began, but was used for national military purposes.


The goal is to reach regions which do not reach the ADSL or optical fiber, the more powerful, offering a high quality internet in rural areas or inner cities of the states where broadband services do not operate efficiently, the service is called HughesNet.


The service uses a frequency band called Ka, especially for high-capacity satellites that can work at a relatively lower cost, down to companies but not so low as to mainstream users, the plans can be hired from July.
Support, installation and after-sale shall be borne by a partner who is Elsys, and residential plans will cost to 10MB download and 1MB upload, requiring even afford a membership fee of R $ 359 90 (U$ 100).
Moreover, the service is based on a Ka band, a frequency at which high-capacity satellite can work at lower cost – and this is obviously reflected in a slightly lower price to the end consumer. The plans of HughesNet can be hired from Friday (July 1), with the support, installation and after-sale shall be borne by the partner company Elsys


Bombs and newtorking

29 Jun

Another bomb is detonated at airports, and this time in an Arab airportAncara considered safe, the international airport of Ankara in Turkey, and the questions are not only by when, but why?
Yes and no, but because the easy explanation is that the networks make it easier contact between people far away, send orders and also establish contacts and recruit young people.
The root is a little deeper radicalism and religious fundamentalism, also in part and explains, but the deeper reason is the time of global crisis of values ​​that are essential to human life on the planet, what some call new existencialism.
The deeper historical reason is a crisis that comes from apparently universal models of crisis states and nations that respect and tolerate only the eigenvalues, the refusal of a solidarity and universal fraternity that includes all peoples and cultures.
Networks are facilitators, but they appear much later than these “existential” crises that make the flight into space, to the senseless radicalism gain strength and alternative dimension in the minds of those who are recruited by terrorist organizations.
There is a fear of empty lives, people without the right to a minimum of territorial space, intolerance with the values ​​and cultures of these people, they do see the radicalism of the last consequences, that take the lives of themselves and others, the only possible way to protest.
Networks are on the other hand facilitate contacts and humanitarian actions that fight more effectively radicalism than the simple use of force, which can kill one of these radicals, but does not kill the root of these recruitments that is what gives reason a type of truly inhuman radicalism and against life.


Referendum generated millions of tweets in 24 hours

28 Jun

Who thinks tweet can not do exit polls’re wrong, the number of tweets in the RemainvsLeavemouth of the urn can explain the tremendous turn of the trend that was the UK remain in the European Union to exit (#brexit) which ended up being the result.

Observed by IDGNow, the numbers reached 6.4 million tweets from 7 am fifth in the morning today (23/6) when they opened the voting sessions, until 10 h the sixth Friday morning (24/6) the outcome it was released and the nation reacted to the resignation speech of Prime Minister David Cameron.

During resignation use Twitter reached twice the normal levels, with a peak of 13,000 tweets per minute and all #EUref campaign to the referendum hashtag is used.

But the result is significant if we compare the latest polling day 23/6 hours showing that the trend varied during the day and this may have been significant for the final vote, revealing that in fact there is a clear tendency to exit (here marked as leave) or stay (marked remain).



Software textbooks

27 Jun

Resources for production and teaching materials in public education can betextbooks reduced, that is proven in 38 faculties there called “Community” in 13 states, covering a universe of 76,000 students in 13 states.


The cases analyzed and quoted in the Washington Post, is the Maryland and six other Viginia, where prices of textbooks rose 82% between 2003 and 2013, that there is three times the inflation rate and so it is a real increase price.


The OpenStax software, an organization and non-profit free software introduced open-source textbooks with peer review, it is estimated that saved more than $ 66 million to about 700,000 students, more than half of these last year.
Although some students who frequent these community colleges  in a maximum of four years, programs focused in two years, are reaching the dream of going to college, not only in paid schools, but others can take courses with a high level, in less time, where the teaching material is essential.




DIY is a cultural change

25 Jun

Perhaps even incomprehensible, but the movement “do it yourself”FuturoJa (DIY, in english) which appeared in the 90s, including Brazil having to magazines: DIY repairs, decoration, children, parties, etc. now reappears with force even in schools with the use of electronic devices and 3D printers in “makerspaces” according to Business Insider.


The stimulus comes from networks like HGTV and DIY, also on sites like Pinterest, but there are endless lessons on Youtube and other tools: how to make certain dishes, make bread with natural yeast, change your environment with sticky material, etc.


Elementary school to high, college and being able to go further, schools are finding new ways to use 21st century technology to bring back to the room a new, more demanding and proactive generation earlier, light is a fact, there who says otherwise, but it is purely by not knowing how to deal with the news.


Technologies that comes to the aid are fantastic, from the ever popular 3D printers (at least in the European and American market) to access to innovative technologies such as laser cutters, which are sprouting in the classroom prototypes and inventions.
Pacesetter schools will appropriating this new style, come to introduce even control mechanism with the Arduíno programming models and interfaces increasingly creative and facilitative automations.
They will find a way to criticize, but the future has now arrived in the classroom


Iceland vs England

24 Jun

This small Nordic country with little more than 300,000 inhabitants, hasIslandia already made a historic achievement is ranking in football for the second round and now faces England.
The vote that ended yesterday morning is a hard blow to the European Union (EU), but the English have little to celebrate, the British currency, the pound had one of its biggest falls, of course also affecting the eurozone, but will mainly affect the immigrations.
British goods will not suffer retaliation, this is for poor countries in the Arab world or in our Latin American countries and perhaps some of Africa, but the market certainly will impose some restrictions on British products, personally I will cheer for Iceland, but was a decision from the start of the cup, why?
Iceland, a country which was released in Denmark in the year 1944 had a constitution without the traditional Danish monarchy is parliamentary, but recently had one of its greatest crises, which made: punish fraud, left banks and fail companies and started the country first making its first constitution through social networks (see our post).
He did not understand why some people retain their opulent and immoral monarchies, was easy now they are unable to advance in the story, or wanting to book advance something of the past and lose much with this, immigration times a country close is very sad.
Iceland won another crowd, immigrants have to leave England, the Arabs who are stateless wandering seas, sometimes dying, and asking a shelter of some solidarity European country.
Iceland may lose but will have my now more vibrant crowd yet: Iceland !!!



British exit or remain in EU

23 Jun

In the British elections, voters must register to participate, theSocialMediaUE number of voters who will decide whether the United Kingdom (includes 53 countries linked to countries linked to the British Crown), is 46.4 million people who registered to participate in the referendum on Thursday about remain in European Union (EU).


It is believed that should win the favor of permanence, but according to the British newspaper “Financial Times” there is a dead heat, 47% in favor and 45% against, in a campaign marked by fear (the effect on immigration would be immediate), and economic return, usually in favor of conservatives, but in this case in favor of is in the US.
The sections opened 7a.m. (3h Brasilia time) throughout the UK, and despite the rain attendance is great indicate the news this morning.
A behavior analysis on social networks is made from hashtags by Vyacheslav Polonski in on site, and shows highlighted the #brexit tags and #bremain where I check the co-occurrence of 13,310 hashtags related to the referendum.

I understand that brexit (exit britain) is the exit (red region) while bremain (britain remain) was the exit of the US (blue region), the analysis found the following measures in degrees of centrality, based on the most central were against the permanence in the US the United Kingdom; #beleave (degree: 6,029), #brexit (degree: 2,089) and #voteout (degree: 1743), while the permanency were #bremain (degree: 1349), #strongerin (degree: 1182) and #hugabrit (degree: 860).
Already neutral hashtags came with the hashtags above are #EU (degree: 1528), #UK (degree: 1,271) and #EUreferendum (grade 1249). degree count up the network represents a hashtags centrality measure in the referendum debate on Instagram.
The UK stay in the US, favors a more united world and fraternity.


Why Microsoft bought the LinkedIn ?

22 Jun

I’ve always been suspicious of LinkedIn, the purchase for $ 26.6 billionLinkedInMS is nothing but control the labor market and find out who is connected to whom, now this purchase only confirms what I always had in mind, connecting people, businesses , universities and other institutions can be more dangerous to scour personal life.

The news feed this social media network will provide the most important updates on the work and with this you can know which conversations, presentations and contacts of a specific practitioner, especially as this use Skype.

If this is just the network will also use this network to promote their products to companies such as Office 365 and Dynamics package, one business management system, declare the president of Microsoft Satya Nadella, in a letter to employees he explained: “In essence, we can reinvent the way to professionals be more productive, while that reinvented the sales process, marketing and talent management”, i.e. a declared use of data in the servisse.

In times of crisis (in Brazil) this will be done in an accelerated fashion, thousands of people are putting their resumes in databases like LinkedIn, and this volume can be easily fed. It is the largest Microsoft business, which had already purchased Skype for $ 8.5 billion and Nokia for $ 7.1 billion, and was already in the market of professional networks since 2012, with the acquisition of Yammer for $ 1.2 billion.


Photography´s revolution

21 Jun

The photography revolution Photography is one of the most powerful waysfotos to emphasize the importance of a detail, making the ordinary extraordinary, tell a story, to surprise, educate, documents or events faces, communicate emotions and the emotions of those who inspired them. It is worth a thousand words, in the words of Henri Cartier-Bresson: “Pictures can reach eternity through the moment.”


There are pictures that are eternal as memorable as the famous kiss in black and white between the nurse and sailor Alfred Eisenstaedt, or as the horrors of war told in memorable photo on Nick Ut of napalm girl became a Vietnam War symbol or the picture in 1966 Thomas Hoepker made of Muhammed Ali, one of the most famous images of all time, a photo can be eternal.


Instagram took millions of anonymity, Brazil represents 7.25% of the 400 million people who use the application number reached in September last year.


The Brazil, Japan and Indonesia are the places where more people lower the app, and this makes the market keep an eye on, especially now with the proximity of the Olympics.


What few know is that Brazil is the creation of Instagram, the São Paulo Mike Krieger helped KIevin Systrom, now CEO of Instagram to create it when both were students at Stanford University in October 2010.


Instagram means the entry of anonymous everyday in the world of photography as a plate of food or a vase of flowers.


Changes in media and education

20 Jun

A European study, conducted over 5 years in 12 countries, sponsored by theAmbientesEducacionais European Science Foudation, compared to many countries the influence of new media in the educational environment of children, and was published in the book “Children and Their Changing Media Environment: A European Comparative Study “edited by Sonia Livingstone and Moira Bovill in 2001 by the publisher Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, and reissued in 2013 in the USA by Routledge, with revisited edition.


The study now earns some evidence, after almost 15 years because some aspects that could be considered “fads” are quite evident today.


The book recalls in the preface, that 40 years before Himmelweit, Oppenheim and Vince published “Television and the child” (1958) and also Schramm “Television in the lives of your children” (1961) studied both in America and in the UK the influence as a child, and he says that this study was inspired to make a parallel with the arrival of new media.


Some issues are new others were revisited, as described in the preface, although not say this we can see that they are issues of first block: there is influence of new media on the old media, where new opportunities for integration, learning, socialization and play as part of the second block: what additional questions to the new forms of activities and social and political participation, as the media can support the emergence of transnational identities: European, Western, global, etc.


We will not answer here, but affirm what is already also in the preface there is a balance between the opportunities and risks of new media, the study is worthwhile, for those devoid of prejudices want to consider serserenely the new media.