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Turkey in crisis (for long times)

16 Jul

To understand the Turkish question, the recent coup attempt yet poorly TURKEYexplained, alerts us to a serious problem that was one of the springboards for the I World War.

The current state it was erected the Ottoman Empire’s defeat in World War I, it was much higher than today, covered the Bulgaria, Romania, much of Greece, reaching east to Azerbaijan and made almost disappear the Armenian people, south It encompassed all syria, jordan, reaching the note from africa, and much of the Arabian peninsula.

It lasted almost from the first acquisitions in 1230 to the bloody war between the end of World War I, between September 24 and December 2, 1920, when the occupied areas to the northeast of Turkey and northwestern Armênica were occupied.

With the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, the Turks seek based on a nationalist model, occupy regions of Greece Armenia and the region that today is Syria, but ancient peoples lived there, such as Greeks, Armenians and Kurds, these being to date people who do not have territory today, though other conflicts remain.

The attempt to present coup, the government blames the party radical course (PKK), seems to have a deeper root, Recep Tayyip Erdogan won elections in 2014 manipulating public opinion, persecuting opponents and repressing the Kurds, but its main enemy is the cleric Fethullah Gülen, who lives in the United States and arrived in the past to ally Erdogan.

Ergodan has expansionist plans, does not recognize the Kurdish ethnic group, fighting the Armenians and Syrians as in the Ottoman Empire period, it is a threat to the balance and democracy, and is presented as balance for the region, since Turkey is the contact with the European continent, but it proves to be very sensitive to migrants, peace and autoderminação people.


The rationalism and empiricism of Hume

15 Jul

In the chapter of the Starting Soint (in the book of Peter Kreeft), Socrates Empirismbegins to dialogue with Hume, assumes that there is a break from life in the thought of the empiricist and rationalist in the background is.


Explaining, it is Descartes who founded the modern rational thought with the idea that everything can be explained by reason, but there it an essential relationship with the physical and mathematical logicism, Hume attempts to fix this by putting together the experience, but his empiricism is not exactly the “life” and Kant attempts later still reconcile the two with his idealism.

Returning to the script Peter Kreeft, which is a hypothetical Socratic dialogue with Hume, at the starting point, says Socrates to Hume: “Your division Descartes between mind and body: is defined and clear and is more rationalist than experimental . Almost no philosopher has ever had such a gap between his philosophy and his life. “(Kreeft, 2012).
And start the dialogue by saying that Hume is a “disguised Rationalist of Empiricist”:
“HUME: So since you intend does not judge my philosophy, I do not intend to judge your judgment … (follows) SOCRATES: … my suspicion that you are a rationalist, which comes from the other main point of the first section of your book … tell us what you intend to accomplish with your philosophy:

But we will not be reasonable to expect that philosophy, carefully cultivated […] to […] reveal, at least to some extent mobile and hidden principles that drive the human mind in its actions? Astronomers have long been content to deduce the phenomena visible the true movement, the order and magnitude of the heavenly bodies, … (follows) (quoting Hume in The essay on human understanding).


Here to explain what your science of ideas you want to achieve, make an analogy with Newton as he reduced the complex phenomena of the behavior of all matter to some exploratory principles also turnest … the complex of all consciousness phenomena a few exploratory principles. And it also looks more like a rationalist ideal than a Empiricist “(Kreeft, 2012).
Hume tries to explain that this reduction is possible, but will be attached to “cause and effect” of the physical world, is that the behavior and the complex human consciousness is?





Philosophy drops: starting with Socrates

14 Jul

We know Socrates by Plato, that is appears in the dialogues of Plato Socrates-meets-Humeand how good philosophy, is a conversation in which an argument is being engendered in a logical as claimed Leibniz: in which a truth leads to another, and so someone contradicts or is refuted in the middle of the conversation, finally they are dialogues.


Dialogues by are not aphorisms, maxims that said almost dogmatic way might seem true, but they are not the lack of dialogue, in the words of today’s philosophy, without the presence of the other, but only the presence of the same, monologues sometimes self-referential or systemic, the Gödel paradox: no axiomatic theory (logic) is complete.


The debate between Socrates and Hume, but a hypothetical meeting in eternity is important because empiricism was the last major current scientific thinking, borrowed the Vienna Circle, who tried to reconceptualize and demonstrate the falsehoods of metaphysics.


It was Peter Kreeft (2012) who wrote “Socrates meets Hume: The father of Philosophy meets father of Skepticism Modern” humbly writes in his introduction: “I believe I have not violated the integrity of Hume’s philosophy” (Kreeft, 2012) and then; “This is not an academic work” (idem), I would say better.


After an initial presentation, in which Hume says as a skeptic and Socrates and he did not, but are as censored by the academy, and make a dialogue on the critical ideas.


Highlight initially, on this issue of critical Socrates says is important to education

“SOCRATES: So does  not claim you are subject to the same criticism.

HUME: I have nothing to fear. I’m not one of those builders of dogmatic systems, such as those Rationalists, Descartes, Spinoza and Leibniz.

SOCRATES: That remains to be seen”(Kreeft, 2012).


KREEFT, P. Socrates Meets Hume: The Father of Philosophy Meets the Father of Modern Skepticism, Boston:  St. Augustines Press, 2012.



Blockchain lever virtual currency

13 Jul

Similar to Bitcoin, but safer the bitcoin can be one of the next waves of theBlockChain virtual world, remember the vulnerabilities and several blows that almost took the Bitcoin to disrepute.


Any company needs to have an account with transaction records, is what makes the Blockchain creating a virtual book for these records, through a database that tracks distributed transactions, which precludes the use of the same coin for more than one transaction, giving greater transparency and safety, regardless of the currency and the value used, addresses the major frauds carried out in the past with the BitCoin.


To understand this we must understand how the assets of any financial transaction and that should be updated and made available to regulators and that gives the same credibility of a coin that has the equivalent in value in a normal Bank, fixed assets called fixed assets (real estate, consumables, etc.).


So is something more significant that the credit money or paper, but is not called plastic money (a chip with a value that will want when worn), it is not simply money because is built on it the entire value of “active” and could represent a major shift on how we think the economy and his own money.


In fact the money is something virtual, different from the misuse that makes the term as it is possible possession of certain goods by a corresponding you must work, asset or credit, this is the difference now: the assets.


TDM in Digital Humanities

12 Jul


Digital Humanities is an emerging field that seeks to explore social and MoleculeResinhuman consequences in digital environments, so consider the more correct name Humanity in Digital Environments, and TDM (Text and Data Mining) is one of these trends.
A London School blog has just published interesting article that points to a trend that libraries and librarians operate and assist in the use of TDM for research and searches.
The blog explains that in particular the amendment of the Hargreaves review of copyright in the UK, remove legal barriers to explore texts and make data mining (TDM) on the corpus of the research literature, then the article explores how libraries and librarians can facilitate the work of researchers who want to apply TDM methods in library resources to either print or electronic sources.
The article also states that in the case of resource libraries, librarians can advise researchers and encourage them to use the new rules of copyright exceptions, which means that they can overcome certain copyright barriers.
The blog explains that this can mean valuable resources, for example, in research on molecular chemistry (photo), crystallography and other very confidential areas.
The article points out that as an example of Digital Humanities, a major newspaper body of the Victorian era can be mined to extract jokes this time, and can also analyze other aspects of time and UK social history.
It’s not just the electronic corpus that can be extracted, although it article provides a copy of scanning for example TDM purposes to aid the reader.


University of Sillicon Valley arrive in Brazil

11 Jul

The University of Silicon Valley Silicon Valley known to be the hub of big Californiacompanies as well as large enterprises, has a commercial university called Udacity, which is now coming to Brazil, promising a different training.


The focus of the company that uses online platform is to enable the competitive technology market, using partnership with major companies in the industry such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, some private universities promise that do not deliver, outdated courses with little professional platforms, most using commercial environments and some applications like Android or Apple.

Even in the United States, most recent graduates have few skills to work effectively in the area, while the open-source market runs, but with little training and investments in the area, depending on crowdsourcing.


Udacity, considered “the University of Silicon Valley”, it started operating in Brazil. The company offers a model of differentiated vocational training, with courses developed in partnership with major companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter etc. The focus of the institution with its online platform is to qualify for the competitive technology market.

According to a survey with US IT companies, only 10% of graduates in universities have practical skills to work in the area. To overcome this deficiency, the formation of is totally focused on the insertion of the professional in the labor market.

The focus is on training from scratch, with projects called “Nanodegrees”, students can create a portfolio with guidance from mentors and develop skills for Web developments or mobile, data analysis, Big Data, Machine-Learning, and other advanced developments.



Self-righteousness and corruption

08 Jul

I forgive the Jews use this name of the biblical story, but it is the best metaphorPirataria to explain what happens in the country, and it include religious of all shades that combine the forces institutionalized that created the worship of God “State” to earn profits, its is brazilian politicians.

Metaphor is important because in addition to the written law, they generally know well how such a sr. Cunha also believe in the oral law, that passed down from generation to generation among the flattery of power and betrayal of the voters who voted believing in their “promises”, is the case in  Brazil.

While police operations combat ferinha the morning, remove street, remove street beggars and announce combating piracy saying that there are huge tax evasion in this illicit trade, one Holy Spirit judge released offenders, corrupt are upheld even in public demonstrations and want convince us that WE ARE CORRUPT (IS NOT TRUE)
There is a difference between a parent who needs to go to illegality to defend the minimum for his family, and who also want to be on the legality of people who live shenanigans, contracts combined in bids (not coincidentally the same root illicit) and operations endless fighting the real bandits who robbed us to the dignity of being a citizen.

The speech are all corrupt, that is natural, I forgive this sea of ​​mud was even necessary (oddly enough I’ve heard it) is nothing but a choir with impunity these gentlemen who were not trained or in Cuba, nor in the United States, they were trained in coffees and expensive dinners of palace life.

The Pharisees who say we are all corrupt, say that the complicity is also crime, and in the case of these Pharisees is prevarication in intransitive, harming the state or others.


Pass the box to pay now is fast

07 Jul

Near to fiction until recently, watches with sensors NFC (Near Field Communication) reachedBellamy the Brazilian market through Bellamy model, with it you approach the product of the clock and the payment is made in seconds.

The battery it lasts for years, only different from the traditional cards on the clock there is nothing to show that it is being used for purchases making discreet and secure payment, and the partnership was made with Visa and Brazil Pré-pago.

It has an NFC antenna with a chip “contactless” Visa that communicates with contactless payment terminals, so are expensed credits are previously made by a bank payment function and the company ensures that credit is safe .
Like any technology market the initial change is slow, this type of NFC device already existing in some pieces of clothing and luxury goods should then be present in the simplest grocery product, coexisting with the current bar codes, but with the time the bar code itself may disappear.


Epitrack: Health crowdsourcing

06 Jul

After a master’s degree at Fiocruz and your advisor of Recife, created naEpitrack application that through collaborative environment can help detect epidemics and work to public health.


Epitrack (epi of epidemic and track for tracker in English) is the name of a software made by Onício Grandson associated with his teacher William Lichand founded a company founded in 2013 and today has 13 employees and reached gross sales R $ 2.5 million in 2015, using the collaborative potential of the internet for health.


The company creates applications to detect disease outbreaks even before the health authorities, and seeks to help improve public policies with automated messages also called voice applications, those in which the user responds by using a key sequence.

The company now exposes the American market trying to expand its range, the software is a finalist in the competition The Venture, you can vote in the application site.


Let us know Jupiter

05 Jul

The ship’s design Juno, which cost  1.13 billion dollars, which was launchedJunoMissao on August 5, 2011 to explore gravitational and magnetic fields of Jupiter, and to study whether there is water there, you can reach your destination today ( 05/07) at dawn.

Jupiter is 300 times more massive than Earth and is five times farther from the Sun than our planet and completes its orbit around the Sun every 11.8 Earth years.

The first to study it was Galileo, which gave its moons names: Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, and today are called Galilean moons, and supported the Copernican theory that the Earth was not the center of Universe.

Jupiter is the fourth brightest object in the solar system, and our moon one of them, the Sun and Venus; the gas giant is one of the five planets visible to the naked eye from Earth, from Mars, Venus, Mercury and Saturn, and Jupiter, of course.

The ship will disintegrate due to magnetic attraction of Jupiter that is extremely strong, about 2.5 times that of Earth, that is, the feeling of weight someone of 60 kilograms would be 150 kilograms.


In the early hours of Monday to Tuesday the ship entered the Juno orbits Jupiter, “We’re there! We are in orbit! Conquered Jupiter”, said Scott Bolton, the mission coordinator, of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas.