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Brazil’s buildings stop

04 Jul

According to a survey published by the newspaper Estado de São Paulo, MuseuSaoPaulomore than 5000 works paralyzed the country generating a loss of investment of $ 15 billion.
Are in diverse sectors since the restoration and paving of roads, expansion of railways, to schools, construction of public buildings and sanitation.

The survey was done in the Courts of Accounts of States (TCEs), the monitoring programs program works and survey of Ministries of Cities (before now Kassab Dilma´s Minister and now Minister Bruno Araujo, not mentioned in the report), although it involves the Ministries of Integration national and Transport and the government itself.


In that report is cited rising unemployment in this area have been laid off over 700 thousand people with portfolio only signed in 2014, and the lack of planning and lack of resources also paralyze the sector, aggravating the economic crisis.
Queried TCEs (State Accounting Tribunals), ten had monitoring of projects (local and state), were consulted as the Paraná court, Pernambuco, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul and Goiás courts.
Among the unfinished projects is the history museum of São Paulo (photo).