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Self-righteousness and corruption

08 Jul

I forgive the Jews use this name of the biblical story, but it is the best metaphorPirataria to explain what happens in the country, and it include religious of all shades that combine the forces institutionalized that created the worship of God “State” to earn profits, its is brazilian politicians.

Metaphor is important because in addition to the written law, they generally know well how such a sr. Cunha also believe in the oral law, that passed down from generation to generation among the flattery of power and betrayal of the voters who voted believing in their “promises”, is the case in  Brazil.

While police operations combat ferinha the morning, remove street, remove street beggars and announce combating piracy saying that there are huge tax evasion in this illicit trade, one Holy Spirit judge released offenders, corrupt are upheld even in public demonstrations and want convince us that WE ARE CORRUPT (IS NOT TRUE)
There is a difference between a parent who needs to go to illegality to defend the minimum for his family, and who also want to be on the legality of people who live shenanigans, contracts combined in bids (not coincidentally the same root illicit) and operations endless fighting the real bandits who robbed us to the dignity of being a citizen.

The speech are all corrupt, that is natural, I forgive this sea of ​​mud was even necessary (oddly enough I’ve heard it) is nothing but a choir with impunity these gentlemen who were not trained or in Cuba, nor in the United States, they were trained in coffees and expensive dinners of palace life.

The Pharisees who say we are all corrupt, say that the complicity is also crime, and in the case of these Pharisees is prevarication in intransitive, harming the state or others.