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University of Sillicon Valley arrive in Brazil

11 Jul

The University of Silicon Valley Silicon Valley known to be the hub of big Californiacompanies as well as large enterprises, has a commercial university called Udacity, which is now coming to Brazil, promising a different training.


The focus of the company that uses online platform is to enable the competitive technology market, using partnership with major companies in the industry such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, some private universities promise that do not deliver, outdated courses with little professional platforms, most using commercial environments and some applications like Android or Apple.

Even in the United States, most recent graduates have few skills to work effectively in the area, while the open-source market runs, but with little training and investments in the area, depending on crowdsourcing.


Udacity, considered “the University of Silicon Valley”, it started operating in Brazil. The company offers a model of differentiated vocational training, with courses developed in partnership with major companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter etc. The focus of the institution with its online platform is to qualify for the competitive technology market.

According to a survey with US IT companies, only 10% of graduates in universities have practical skills to work in the area. To overcome this deficiency, the formation of is totally focused on the insertion of the professional in the labor market.

The focus is on training from scratch, with projects called “Nanodegrees”, students can create a portfolio with guidance from mentors and develop skills for Web developments or mobile, data analysis, Big Data, Machine-Learning, and other advanced developments.