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Philosophy drops: starting with Socrates

14 Jul

We know Socrates by Plato, that is appears in the dialogues of Plato Socrates-meets-Humeand how good philosophy, is a conversation in which an argument is being engendered in a logical as claimed Leibniz: in which a truth leads to another, and so someone contradicts or is refuted in the middle of the conversation, finally they are dialogues.


Dialogues by are not aphorisms, maxims that said almost dogmatic way might seem true, but they are not the lack of dialogue, in the words of today’s philosophy, without the presence of the other, but only the presence of the same, monologues sometimes self-referential or systemic, the Gödel paradox: no axiomatic theory (logic) is complete.


The debate between Socrates and Hume, but a hypothetical meeting in eternity is important because empiricism was the last major current scientific thinking, borrowed the Vienna Circle, who tried to reconceptualize and demonstrate the falsehoods of metaphysics.


It was Peter Kreeft (2012) who wrote “Socrates meets Hume: The father of Philosophy meets father of Skepticism Modern” humbly writes in his introduction: “I believe I have not violated the integrity of Hume’s philosophy” (Kreeft, 2012) and then; “This is not an academic work” (idem), I would say better.


After an initial presentation, in which Hume says as a skeptic and Socrates and he did not, but are as censored by the academy, and make a dialogue on the critical ideas.


Highlight initially, on this issue of critical Socrates says is important to education

“SOCRATES: So does  not claim you are subject to the same criticism.

HUME: I have nothing to fear. I’m not one of those builders of dogmatic systems, such as those Rationalists, Descartes, Spinoza and Leibniz.

SOCRATES: That remains to be seen”(Kreeft, 2012).


KREEFT, P. Socrates Meets Hume: The Father of Philosophy Meets the Father of Modern Skepticism, Boston:  St. Augustines Press, 2012.