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Turkey in crisis (for long times)

16 Jul

To understand the Turkish question, the recent coup attempt yet poorly TURKEYexplained, alerts us to a serious problem that was one of the springboards for the I World War.

The current state it was erected the Ottoman Empire’s defeat in World War I, it was much higher than today, covered the Bulgaria, Romania, much of Greece, reaching east to Azerbaijan and made almost disappear the Armenian people, south It encompassed all syria, jordan, reaching the note from africa, and much of the Arabian peninsula.

It lasted almost from the first acquisitions in 1230 to the bloody war between the end of World War I, between September 24 and December 2, 1920, when the occupied areas to the northeast of Turkey and northwestern Armênica were occupied.

With the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, the Turks seek based on a nationalist model, occupy regions of Greece Armenia and the region that today is Syria, but ancient peoples lived there, such as Greeks, Armenians and Kurds, these being to date people who do not have territory today, though other conflicts remain.

The attempt to present coup, the government blames the party radical course (PKK), seems to have a deeper root, Recep Tayyip Erdogan won elections in 2014 manipulating public opinion, persecuting opponents and repressing the Kurds, but its main enemy is the cleric Fethullah Gülen, who lives in the United States and arrived in the past to ally Erdogan.

Ergodan has expansionist plans, does not recognize the Kurdish ethnic group, fighting the Armenians and Syrians as in the Ottoman Empire period, it is a threat to the balance and democracy, and is presented as balance for the region, since Turkey is the contact with the European continent, but it proves to be very sensitive to migrants, peace and autoderminação people.