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(Português) Entre a hermenêutica e o sistêmico

31 Aug

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(Português) O desprezo pelas massas e as elites

30 Aug

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(Português) Retórica, Diálogo e o Tu

29 Aug

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Dialogue and reliability

26 Aug

In times of globalization, in which many very different cultures comeDialogue2 into contact, in religious intolerance times of political radicalization and serious social problems, a word seems distant, almost utopian: dialogue.
In the history of philosophy much was made of it in different contexts, the School Platonic dialogue was essential to education, he feared until the spring writing could ward off men of dialogue, at the height of the Reformation the word tolerance was used by philosophers like Locke, at the height of the Enlightenment and its ideas about the state seemed that this would be the guardian of peace, but that means dialogue today?
Many things, but one seems to me fundamental reliability, either because the clash of cultures and ideologies generate distrust, or because we assume that most people have some degree of information, although many think that in the form of nothing we point in our post previous.
The truth is that is most necessary horizontality in conversations, dialogues and even debates; because what we call for a long time was dialogue from Plato to Hegel, only the idea that a central power to override the other, considered minor. Today’s society calls for greater trust and respect between the people who are in a dialogue, although social networks are flooded with memes, insults and calumnies, many of them criminal, at the root of it all is an almost desperate plea: listen to me.
Mutual trust, which is not general agreement but is not dialogue, it is necessary.


Cogito wounded and political

25 Aug

Paul Ricoeur is one of the few current French philosophers (died in 2005)Cogito who not only reads and translates from German and English, but also speaks to international currents of thought as diverse as German phenomenology (was translator of Ideas I of Husserl in 1950), to Gadamer’s hermeneutics or the English analytical philosophy and American.

Its flagship book, Soi-même comme un autre (national translation The oneself as another is bad), brought inscribed his beautiful title both on the issue of identity (Soi-même) as his invention of identity through otherness : comme un autre, emphasizing both the metaphorical dimension as well as ethics of this invention, metaphors are in his book: the living metaphor.

Opposing the “exaltation of the Cogito” in Cogito wounded a “broken” (brisé) or “injured” (blessé) as already wrote in the preface to himself as another.

This decline is both the seizure of a much larger unit, even if never totalizable the subject: a unit that is established in every action, in every work, such as the reintroduction of the subject and the world, surpassing the subjects and objects separation.

In politics the cogito injured, is the impossibility (if we are not able to see how Other (comme un autre), the result is a dialogue sometimes confrontational other times of silence, under an even greater suspicion.

Ricoeur distrusts the same tendency to a totalizing hubris and distrusted the Cartesian solipsism, he saw an uncritical application, that is, beyond its limits, the recent anticartesianos paradigms of which hybridity is the worst aspect.

Political dialogue is not hybridity, not composing speeches and exchanges of favors, in a sense, is discussion and clash in another discovery of shared values ​​and thoughts.


Social media and say nothing !

24 Aug

The media show that many people still use it improperly, to finish theWillStephen chef master program, which did not watch because cooking is a pleasure and an art, the chef Paola Corosella a judge yesterday finalized program, calls craft, but she also complained of insults, profanity, etc. who suffered for their options in the program.


What most surprises me is people who say nothing and saw celebrities, there are a lot of good is good to say, but I get at least three times many slogans of self-help, pocket spirituality and the like, do not tell me anything and it’s nice not complain, then more people come to send you the same messages.


Will Stephen was invited to participate in the famous TED programs to talk about anything, that first taste for the duration of maximum 20 minutes and then because they choose people who have what to say, I do not even like it, but I recognize someone who has something to say. He produced a fun program, and then says that guy because we are “attentive and eager to know everything about NOTHING or how to do, an uninteresting subject, subject to six minutes of pleasant thing,” here are six tips that he gave:


First I KNOW !!! No matter you are unsure, speak with absolute certainty what you are saying, many will watch and to become his followers. According gesture! His body language may appear to have convincing ability, emphasize information with gestures or changing the tone of speech, especially when talking about something that judges relevant.


After EI YOU !!! Interact with your audience, giving examples of personal or things of everyday life, it creates a relaxed mood and people can be Understanding NOTHING.


If it is difficult to assign a third NOT I AM I AM SAYING, say that the person is important and then repeat if necessary.

USE IMAGES, illustrious, create pictures, decorate the way of his speech, abusing of audiovisual resources, and last has RHYTHM, do your talks follow the ideas to completion.


But you can still be talking about ANYTHING, one will listen.


Augmented reality already in schools

23 Aug

The technology used by game Pokemon Go is already in many elementarySmartChart schools, augmented reality has been used to teach mathematics and geometry.

The system uses a made in augmented reality object and the software through a camera does appear on the computer screen a 3D element that students can follow the projection of the image on the screen from the wall.

In real classroom the teacher is second only a flat piece with a cube design, but on the screen of projection appears a 3D geometric element, seeing the constructed image is easier to just use your imagination to understand the geometric operations.

The Bandeirantes Vila Mariana´s College in São Paulo (South Zone) has adopted augmented reality and plan to use the resource in a multidisciplinary project from September.

But the goal goes further with a kind of home treasure throughout the school where the student sees the tablet in code spread across various parts of the school, and can conduct educational activities more playful mood.

The college Dante Alighieri, in the Jardins (West |one of São Paulo city), sent a message to parents alerting the exclusive use of the applications and not others “if demand is not strictly educational”, as published in newspapers of.

An application for adults is the Star Chart, available for Androids and iOS when open he sees aa star letter pointing your smartphone or table to heaven, the application will inform you that the stars or planets you have in the right direction even during the day when the stars are in heaven it is impossible to be seen, and it can extend up to 10,000 light years, so you can see nebulae and distant galaxies.


(Português) ARM será produzido pela Intel ?

22 Aug

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(Português) A esperança e as olimpíadas

19 Aug

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(Português) Depois do Pokemon Go, vem mais alguma coisa ?

18 Aug

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