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Opening of the Olympics game and Brazil´s view

05 Aug

Unlike the World Cup, the Olympics inspire me little, but I fear that the openingCaravels party can today be a fiasco, because we have a reading of aliens our own culture: mulatto, indigenous folklore and Northeast and perhaps something of European miscegenation, but what is the reading that we do in our society?

I remembered the book Theodore Dalrymple: “Our culture … or what’s left of it,” not finished reading the holidays because they were short of all but one chapter of the psychiatrist and writer caught my attention: “How to read a society”.
Starts counting the period went to the Iron Curtain and was carrying a book La Russie Marques de Custine published in 1843, and that made me see that under the then Communist world was a Russia was a country originates, since all early part of the book was to describe the origins of Russia and second, the author gives you clues of the true Russia.
I think it’s possible this reading to Brazil, if we think of the colonial divisions of hereditary captaincies, the purpose of the Olympics found curious caravels coming arrival of the Sagres School, who knows we may present something more dignified than in the World Cup.


Step six pages of communism, to the party that will describe the work of Alexis de Tocqueville published in 1835: Memoire sur le Paupérisme published shortly after his famous Democracy in America.

As a doctor used to go on the outskirts, he points a Tocqueville paradox when visiting England, the country of Dalrymple, a sixth of the population were beggars, he “found not only the physical filth, but also emotional and moral degradation” (p. 218).
The parallel between the authors Custine and Tocqueville’s view on companies apparently parallel the same interaction “between cultic, political regime and human character” (p. 219), and maybe this will help read the Brazilian society.


In presenting picturesquely our culture, we removed the cultural dignity of indigenous, black and also Europeans and migrants who have made this their country, Brazil beautiful and so has their culture is under the rubble since the arrival of the caravels to politics current, on the outskirts abandoned to their fate