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I have good taste ?

10 Aug

I see in a lot of cars this phrase (in brazilian cars), and I began to wonderIhaveGoodTaste. what it would take a large number of people of all social classes, parties and religions to begin to put this in the car, I asked a few people and the response was not convergent.
I remembered again the book is not finished in Theodore Dalrymple holidays: “Our culture … or what’s left of it,” which states that political, economic and cultural factors began to destroy our culture … or what’s left of it.
Thought is an unconscious but important reaction because something is bothering us as much as injustice (theft, corrupt, abuses, etc.) and the economic crisis.
Our notion of aesthetics and beauty seems changed, not just the one that selects colors and races, but in any race or color what really means the beautiful and the good.
The question of aesthetics is linked to contempt for the poetic, the imagery (and imaginary) and more deeply the concept of lost aesthetic since the beginning of modernity, this requires a deeper study of what we think of everyday life: a harmony to (in ) Being.