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Nicholas Carr back load

15 Aug

Critical of the indiscriminate use of technology, Nicholas Carr opened his


speech saying about autonomous vehicles, “I think a lot of views on the overall automation assume that every vehicle will be automated and the whole direction of infrastructure will not only mapped in minutes, but It will also be equipped with the kind of sensors and transmitters and the entire network infrastructure that we need.”, said to ComputerWorld.


New criticism because she had called “Dumbest generation” and in his 2003 book as the Harvard Business Review published the book, “IT Does not Matter” where Carr raised the ire of big names in technology which questions the notion that the iT infrastructure provides strategic advantages to companies.

His new book “Utopia is Creepy: And Other Provocations”, which will the American publisher Norton & Co. on 6 September. It is a compendium of articles, such as “Would Google making us stupid?” And “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of privacy,” now not only young people but all be stupid, imagine what it will mean the Pokemon Go So!

In the interview he says that when his blog was ten years old in 2015, he began to look back through the posts and I realized that many of the items still resounding today, he publishes interesting blog and book just now.

He says he saw what was happening in the world of technology, particularly in the rise of what we used to call Web 2.0 and is now known as social media and social networking, but does show how critical it is in those articles.

He also calls the “ideology of Silicon Valley” the sense that the Internet and social media were breaking down the barriers to personal expression, freeing people and as if we our trust in Silicon Valley and its programmers to lead a kind of Utopia. It is a collection of articles, but with a theme running through it.

Let’s wait for the book, but decidedly Nicholar Carr’s vision is pessimistic.