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Among the opium of the people and the intellectuals

16 Aug

Marx wrote his famous words: “religion is the opium of the people” butIntellectualsOpium we must remember that the religion he criticized mainly for his thesis against the “theologian” atheist Ludwig Feuerbach and more philosophical and forcefully in Ideology German in here there is a serious critique of Hegelianism (which he calls old), but no escape from Hegel (he self titled new Hegelian).

Now is Raymond Aron that takes up the question, was reading Ideology and Utopia of Paul Ricoeur, who are his classes at the University of Chicago in 1975, based on the first major test of Ideology from Mannheim, Saint-Simon and Fourier, which sees utopia, not reduced to disconnected from reality conditions, but from the critical and fruitful distance, see the utopia as social poetry.

But to get the book of Raymond Aron shook the foundations, in his view: “Communism is the first religion of intellectuals to be successful”, I do not know if it’s exactly like that, because in my opinion there are other beliefs, such as positivism , which really made religions, including places of worship, and many others that arise belief entrenched beliefs that have some unshakeable central dogma.

But back to the “opium of the people”, because I think this is the most serious problem to be solved in the religious sphere, because all that is under the label of “love” should be more explicit than the next, to say what contemporary philosophy calls Other.

But the defect of all that was called earlier materialism of Marx, including Feuerbach, was to design the object, reality, sensory act, in the form of the object or perception, but not as sensuous human activity, as practice not subjectively.

But this is Hegelian and not Christianity idealism, consider the essence of Christianity as theoretical activity, is also idealism, because it implies concrete acts, and biblical wisdom is very clear: “If you say,” I love God ” but hates his brother [need to be upgraded to the Other], it is a liar, because who does not love his brother whom he has seen, can not love God whom you do not see “(1 John 4:20).

The required update for the Other category, it is because globalization, and the visibility of the global village, allows us to get in touch with many cultures, and proximity (hence the brother word) is more universal, we see the distance (and this is the virtual ) which can be shaped to be close, with no personal familiarity, so it’s not his brother, but the Other.