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Trends for 2017

09 Nov

While Gartner points out that desktops will start to disappear from themachinelearningdocker marketplace if the companies of these monsters do not begin to reinvent themselves, ThoughtWorks has released a list of emerging technologies with highlights for the growth of concepts such as Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR / AR), processes Based platforms, and clouds service platforms (PaaS), producing a “microservice” architecture.

These micro-services are processes that run in virtual cloud environments as the primary environment for the development of digital “activism” that influences markets, according to ThoughtWorks’ Mike Mason: “we see an advance in the levels of abstraction” of what is considered “activism “, That is, not only political and social, but also economic and business.

Although the “Pokemon” phenomenon is restricted to entertainment, this concept should migrate to other application areas and should influence IT teams now mobilized for the development of Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Docker is already an example of success in this line, made to put solutions in clouds, that the market has called by the name of this metaphor “containers” (a possible translation for Docker).

Docker is an open source project that automates the deployment of applications within software containers, providing an additional layer of abstraction and virtualization automation at the operating system level.

Another solution in this line is the development of Natural Language, the expected years for learning solutions, this type of auxiliary solution the so-called Machine Learning, that is, services that lead to a rapid learning of processes using computers, in relationship a human/interactive machine.

 Machine Learning is a method of data analysis that automates the development of analytical models using any algorithms that “learn” intelectively from data, this permit the learning by “machine”.