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Hermeneutics of the “good” thief

18 Nov

One of the most enigmatic passages in Bible, because one thief goes tobomladrao Paradise “today”, its incredible, but alse is more illuminatings point from the point of view the true, is when one thief next to Jesus, Dimas event though he is a thief (the “good” is because popular culture), that there is among them someone who is not a thief and yet is unjustly paying for something he didn’t do.


It is important, because it is spoken today in agreements of leniency (for anyone enterprises that participation in corruption), the one in which having committed a crime someone decides to repair it by putting the facts clear, but there must also be a commitment not to participate more in illicit processes.
What is confusing in today’s lawsuits is very simple, have people changed their behavior and mindset, and recognize the immense mistake of stealing public money?

In the passage described in the Gospel of Luke (23: 35-43), there is this dialogue, first between the two thieves: 41 For us it is just, because we are getting what we deserve; But he did nothing wrong. ”
And then Dimas turns to Jesus and says

And he added, “Jesus, remember me, when you enter your kingdom.” Jesus said to him, “I tell you the truth, you will still be with me in Paradise today.”

This passage is truly extraordinary because if we decide to change our mentality, that is, a true “metanoia” that is always possible, albeit rare, we can enter into a process of new happiness, but without grumbling, acknowledging error.

There are people who never repented, never changed, never grew up.