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To o start a new world

08 Dec

The metaphor of childbirth is important if we consider that our policrise, the termpartodemaria used by Morin to designate the present moment, is also the moment to be born something new, that inside the maternal-terrestrial uterus has no light and it is not possible to know how the unborn child will come.

Edgar Morin pointed out that the question of development, a term adopted in several countries to tell the way out of this crisis, in the book Introduction to Complex Thought said about this: “Development has two aspects. On the one hand, it is the global myth in which industrial societies achieve well-being, reduce their extreme inequalities, and provide individuals with the maximum happiness a society can afford. On the other hand, it is a reductive conception, in which economic growth is the necessary and sufficient engine of all social, psychic and moral developments. This technical-economic conception ignores the human problems of identity, community, solidarity and culture. ”


For those who still believe in the classic socialist revolution, says Morin in My Left, who questions the ideological paradigms still fashionable here in our “sad tropics,” I find a key idea for his policrisis on page 16: “An Invisible Component of Polycrisis Is the crisis of thought, “Morin calls polycentrism interdependent crises: economics, Western civilization, traditional civilizations, development, we are dealing with placebos the cancer of a decadent society,” then recognize the decadence and insufficiency of Social thought of this moment is fundamental for the birth of a new world.


It is necessary to rethink the thinking, to be able to move deeply in the structures, to ignore the multitudes, and to globalize the crisis there, precisely here is the possible meaning of this crisis, I believe as Morin: “favor economic, social, cultural , Everything that walks in the direction of the solidarity unit of humanity, “the rest is soccer fans, and even this one promises to settle after the Chapecoense soccer tragedy.