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Is it possible to turn to a new world?

09 Dec

The prophetic sense of these new days are there: mass dissatisfaction, new warsmundonovo and new forms of nationalism, wars, famines and multitudes without homeland, but there is a positive sign.

Yes, the exhaustion of the productive forces, the abandonment of the disoriented masses and new forms of exploitation, the contempt for the older ones with reforms of the various forms of retirement on the whole planet also reveal a growing dissatisfaction, a cauldron.

Jesus’ comments on John the Baptist’s prophecy, and his way of assigning crowds also in a period of the relationship of the Roman empire to the colonies, among them Judea, and Jesus asked

John the Baptist lived in the desert, preached an ascetic and radical life, the biblical symbology that means lifeless places, but also full of hope in radical change, the Gospel of Matthew (Mt 11: 7-8), Jesus asks the crowd:

“The disciples of John departed, and Jesus began to speak to the crowds about John:” What did you see in the wilderness? A reed shaken by the wind? What did you see? A man dressed in fine clothes? But those who wear thin clothes are in the palaces of kings.”

The message is clear, it is not the men in thin, white-collared clothes, and they have found a “cane” agitated by the wind, a poor and a prophet announcing a new time, he will come, even if religious continue to make a fundamentalist reading , The new time is now and a new world is in management.

The childbirth will come, even if full of pain and difficulties, there will be a revival.