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UN talks on standards for drones

14 Dec

Abroad, of course in the midst of recession, few will receive a drone in Brazil,drones the UN has issued some rules for you to receive and be able to use a drone that wins as a gift.
Although it seems obvious, the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) survey suggests that only 36% of shoppers have some guidance on safe flights when buying a drone.
The first of the 10 tips says that a drone weighing more than 25kg (55lb) requires a license to operate, this is in agreement with most countries, including Brazil.
The United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) made this statement: “Drones can pose a serious threat to manned flights and the people and owners of flight regions.”
The ICAO says you should read the user manual, keep the drone within sight, and 50m (55 yards) of people, landowners (supposed to be light houses) or vehicles.
You must observe the laws and permits of your specific country.
The CAA drone code, which was updated in November (BBC news), has released an easy way to remember the most important parts of it using the word drone plus 5 rules:
1. Do not fly near airports or airfields
2. Remember to stay below 120m (400 feet) and at least 50m (150 feet) away from buildings and people.
3. Watch your drone all the time (keep in the field of vision, of course you do not always do this).
4. Never fly near aircraft.
5. Enjoy responsibly.
There is also a new app that you can download to make sure you are flying safely.