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Golden Globe 2017

09 Jan

The awards began with smaller prizes, one of the curiosities was later camejustinharwitz the award for best supporting actor: Aaron Taylor Johnson of the film Night Animals, then better series actor and TV dramas, Billy Bob Thornton for the Gollath series, best actress of series or musical for TV: Tracee Ellis Ross of the series Blackish and for best TV series Atlanta, best actress of the series that counts the trial of O.J. Simpson, Sarah Paulson.

After little series or film for TV, the series People x OJ Simpson, Trace unexpectedly received the prize of, composers of soundtracks Moonlight and La la Land were expected and La Land won, it was a barbada, since Justin Harwitz (first picture) did a good job, and best original song again La La Land, by Justin as well, but which was received by the ensemble, having received better actor in comedy or musical film: Ryan Gosling and Damien Chazelle (second picture at center) received the award for best director and best scrip /photography.

Gradually the best actress award and best director was revealed, and the best supporting actress already seemed to indicate a different path in this award, the deserved Viola Davis, since best director for Denzel Washington and best film for Fences were not in the nominations, And justice was made received the award for best actor.

Best animation was Zootopia, with a message about diversity, and although the criticism indicated this personally, Moana and Trolls (which was not indicated) seem better to me.

Best Foreign Film Elle by the director of the Netherlands: Paul Verhoven.

Best actor in the miniseries went to English: Tom Hindleston, who starred in The Night Manager and Clarie Floy for The Crown, which won best drama series in the sequel.

La la Land was the big winner leading the 7 nominations, while Moonlight (Picture above) who won only best drama movie was the deception, in the Hollywood glamour and the ironies and jokes with Donald Trump, who already reacted saying that she would be Hillary’s mistress.