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Zygmunt Bauman died (1925, 2017)

10 Jan

He died on Monday (9 January), the Polish sociologist (Poznan, 1925) who bauman2was of Jewish family, and fled his country and Nazism to the former Soviet Union, and was later a member of the Communist Party, from where Was expelled because of his works. He was a professor emeritus at the University of Leeds, where he passed away at 91 years of age. He created concepts such as liquid modernity and net love, but he did not understand the power of social networks, which he criticized harshly and did not adequately elaborate the crisis of modernity, predicting that it would go a long way until the inauguration of a new era, analyzing the crisis of the state.

Between works, still little read and analyzed, are like the Culture with Praxis (1973, without translation in Brazil), Challenges of the Modern World (2015) and The Wealth of Few Beneves All Us? (2015) because they are very recent.

I countered his book Lives Wrong I analysed in a post, the book The contempt for the masses, and also made analysis of his modernity locked in several posts, and also in another post I made a synthesis of his “liquidity” with the question of consciousness.

The last analysis we did of Bauman was an interview given to the newspaper El País in january 06 of the 2016, in which the newspaper itself affirms its pessimism. “His diagnosis of reality in his later books is highly Critical.”

Certainly his two works deserve to be read, he is a profound thinker, but I reaffirm my point of disagreement, although we live in times of setbacks, historically mankind has always managed to overcome its greatest difficulties on the path of progress for all, what we are living is An end to an “age” even though we do not know what will come next, there is certainly a demand for structural changes in society.