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The problem of consciousness

12 Jan

We emphasize that although Bauman’s sociology deals with social issues, there is a conscienciahistoricaproblem of “net awareness” and in our view a relation to hermeneutics, but how to deal with the problem of consciousness, Husserl would say: what consciousness must be “something “And therefore it is not possible to treat it with idealism, which sees something outside the subject.

The best book on the question is Truth and Method of Hans-Georg Gadamer, but a book written earlier, which he himself said would be expendable for being an outline of his larger work, “The Problem of Consciousness History” in our view has something New and important.

The author himself says in the introduction that, when invited to conferences at the University of Louvain, that the problem of “historical consciousness” is something that involves Europe, it was only in Germany “that theme played a central role in philosophy, especially Thanks to Wilhelm Dilthey … outside the sphere of German culture, the romantic tradition of the Geitesuwisenschaften *“(page 10), is more related to the philosophy of nature.

It is for this reason that, in our view, this seminal work of Truth and Method not only deepens the problem of “historical consciousness,” but rather uncovers the relationship with the philosophy of nature, which outside Germany profoundly influenced modern state theories .

The translation, which comes from the French edition of 1996, is already revised by Gadamer himself and is therefore already a rereading, and in it there is an important question about the reproductive arts and their obvious relationship with the technologies, whereas in the German conception “Seek parity with the natural sciences” (page 11).

According to Gadamer, if Dilthey set out to provide an epistemic basis for understanding the question, he was not as an interpreter of text, but as a theorist of the method of a historical school who did not see “the comprehension of texts or fragments of the past as his goal Last “(quote from Gadamer himself), his hermeneutic view as Schleimacher’s successor, hopes to understand how history can” ultimately be understood “(p.12).

“Hermeneutics is the universal method of historical science” (page 12).

* Geitesuwisenschaften or “sciences of spirit” is a set of human sciences such as philosophy, history, philology, social sciences, and sometimes even theology and jurisprudence, that are traditional in German universities.

Hans-Georg Gadamer, “The Problem of Historical Consciousness,” in “H.-G. Gadamer,” special issue, Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 5:1, 1975, page number is brazilian edition.