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Hermeneutics and this problem

18 Jan

After clarifying the question of method, it is important because of the question FusionHorizonof science, it must be understood that this is not its fundamental problem, although it is related to knowledge and truth it is, so Gadamer (p. 32)

“The phenomenon of understanding that pervades not only everything that concerns the world of the human being. Its purpose is to search everywhere for the experience of truth, which goes beyond the field of control of scientific methodology, and of its own legitimacy, wherever it may be found. “(Page 30)

The main aim, though not explicitly stated, is to demonstrate the fragility of contemporary philosophical thought, for he saw the night of Western thought:

“… the judgment that, in our time, flooded with rapid transformations, is threatened with obscuration. What is transforming imposes itself on sight, incomparably more than something that continues as it has always been. The perspectives that result from the experience of historical transformation are, for this reason, always running the risk of becoming distortions, for forgetting the concealment of what persists “(page 34).
Gadamer wants to retake the good humanistic tradition, of course this is a judgment of values, but we have already developed something here, but a central point is the Hegelian contribution on “formation”:

“Here training does not mean more culture, that is, the perfection of faculties and talents. The ascension of the word formation awakens, more than that, the ancient mystical tradition, according to which man brings in his soul the image of God, according to which he was created, and has to develop it in himself. ” (Page 50), this does not depend on religiosity, it means interiority.

He also takes up concepts from Hegel, who used the concept of formation, in this way “it was precisely this that, following Hegel, we emphasized as a universal characteristic of formation, to remain open to the different, to other more universal points of view . “(Pages 50-58).

That is why we have written from the beginning of this blog: “the in-form”, the word information has this meaning and this can also be found in the literature of so-called “Information Sciences”, clarifies using Vico’s concept of “common sense” , Which is very common:

“… not only that universal capacity that exists in all men, but, at the same time, the sense that establishes community. It is a sense for justice and for the common good … it seems to have a virtue of social intercourse, but there is, in fact, a moral foundation, even a metaphysical one. “(Pages 70-76).

Gadamer will define this starting from the ideas of common sense and formation.

GADAMER, H.G. Truth and Method, London,New York: Continuum, 1975. (pages in Brazilian Edition).