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Some Trump’s “Promises”

20 Jan

Today begins the mandate of the most controversial of a US president.TrumpHair
On immigration, it is not sophistry, of course he speaks of the 11 million clandestine migrants living in the country, but a lot already have children and families settled there, and the mere fact of being of another religion or race could never differentiate a person And their civil rights.
Reforming Washington, which calls for “Clinton’s friends” in many cases are nothing more than professionals or even people with a partisan preference for the Democrats, and for borrowing the idea of ​​Abraham Lincoln in a famous 1863 speech in which he asked the union of Americans, but the context was quite different, and can be seen in the recent movie of the film Lincoln, where among other things fought for racial equality.
He wants to sign the biggest “tax revolution” in the country, today the ceiling is at 35% of collection of profits, he wants to limit to 15%, this only benefits the concentration of income and the consequences for social programs are more than obvious, There is going to be money
It will review all foreign trade, campaign against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which would be a cooperation with the European Union, also the treaties with Canada and Mexico its neighbors and the NAFTA agreements will be revised, will be a commercial war .
Foreign policy is even more threatening, it is against peace agreements with Palestine, it will review the protection of NATO allies and as far as Syria will only fight against the Islamic state, it is more fuel in the bonfire of the war.
Without the two most industrialized nations in the world adhering to the proposed ecological programs from Rio 1922 (Rio92) to Paris 2015 (Cop2015) activists and defenders of the planet suffer a hard defeat, for Trump: “the concept of global warming was created by And for the Chinese to keep the US industrial sector uncompetitive”, he wrote on a twitter and replayed the campaign.
The most backward and hard-headed concept with the Americans themselves is the idea of ​​erasing the entire Obama legacy, now admired all over the world, according to Stephen Moore, who was their camp advisor, there are at least 25 “executive orders” for Trump to reverse and erase what Obama has left.
Finally the legal aspect, because one can imagine that with so much authoritarianism, perhaps it could suffer an impeachment, the sudden death of Antonin Scala, member of the Supreme Court of there, and the indication of the substitute by Trump will give conservative majority to the Supreme, and Many laws will be reviewed.
If this is good news, on the other hand we can predict US isolation, a lot of internal crisis and a strong militancy already promised by activists, artists and Democrats