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Campus Party Brazil starts tomorrow

30 Jan

The tenth edition of the Campus Party, a concentration of fans, workers, OBJECTIVESUSTENAIBLEScompanies and even thinkers who use a wide space to exchange experiences, products and ideas of the advances of the digital world, takes place at the Anhembi pavilion in São Paulo.
This year, there are two waves that are already booming in this environment: the internet of things and sharing, which came out of digital products and went to different areas: toys, temporary rental of houses, availability of parking spaces for travel, etc.
At the main stage where some interesting names are called and others not so much, this year will appear figures such as: Michel Nicolelis (Brazilian who is world name in neuroscience), Camille François (cyber-activist who defends privacy, anonymity, Harvard) and Paul Zaloom, (famous actor in the 90s with program The World of Beakman), and others of course.
Another novelty is the link established with UNDP (UN Development Program), which has 17 sustainable development objectives, in 100 hours will be developed what is called Big Hackathon where projects are proposed and can be undertaken by public or private initiative with Funding shared by the UN.
I highlight among these goals 8 that I consider to be urgent: Eradication of poverty, zero hunger and sustainable agriculture, quality education, clean and affordable energy, decent work and economic growth, reduction of inequalities, global action on climate and peace / justice / effective institutions .
The event starts tomorrow and admission costs $ 240 brazilian reais (around U$ 75).