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IT companies and Trump

31 Jan

The companies that employ the most brains and foreign labor are technology companies,TrumpManifest and the reflexes of trying to nationalize jobs has already provoked a reaction from most companies.

Yesterday several companies had appeared, among them the giants Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft, which among other measures vetoed the access of natives of seven Muslim-majority countries to come to the United States, the measure is valid for 90 days and the reaction was World, with manifestation even of some rulers, like of Saudi Arabia.

Executive director Sundar Pichai, whose name already shows nationality, said that Google’s Trump order reaches about 100 employees.

Yesterday Canada, which had a one-time attack on a mosque in this country, was televised to declare support and solidarity with Muslims, as well as their desire to receive migrants who can not enter the United States, in the long run this may even Result in the transfer of some of these companies’ offices to Canada.

The owner of Tesla Elon Musk, companies that have revolutionary innovations with use of solar energy among other bombastic technological changes, which advises the Trump government.

The measure is a great setback, going back to the beginning of industrial capitalism when Adam Smith wrote the classic “Wealth of Nations”, today the raw material, brains and labor are world-wide, and, by the way, states United States was the largest beneficiary, the effect of this backward turnout will result in global backwardness, but also to the world’s largest powerhouse, yet it will immediately affect its trading partners such as Mexico and Canada.

This process is tantamount to de-globalization, as some countries in Europe, such as France and the United Kingdom, are moving in this direction, and Trump’s visit to this country already provokes many demonstrations of unpopularity.