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Crisis, the limites and the know

06 Jun

We are reading Mário Ferreira dos Santos, and at the end of the first chapter IsleOceanof the “Philosophy of Crisis”, points out that we are aware of the limit that exists with the Other and the nodes, to point 5 points of this separation before plunging into what is nothingness Between things (and beings).
On this separation, he affirms that “things also suffer from their limits, but quiet, intrinsically silent, even before themselves, because in them, there is no one who peers at himself. “(Page 20)
We are aware of the crisis, things also suffer separation, and the crisis worsens “if we accept this separation as irremediable, an insurmountable abyss, drawn between us and others,” the fourth limit is that of individuality, that of others Philosophers, and from this originates the fifth limit: “from the self before the limit of individuality.” (Page 29)
“And there is in us something that always puts beyond all our knowledge, something that we know, always distant, always more and more distant, that marks a presence always separates from everything that we delimit, since knowing is always delimiting? “(Page 29) ends the long reflection on separation and crisis with a central cognitive question.
It is something like the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) affirmed: “knowledge is an island surrounded by an ocean of mystery. I prefer the ocean to the island, “to indicate that the crisis is most often a go beyond, and penetrate the ocean of mystery
The chapter on the concept of the crisis ends with two observations: “between the limits of all our knowledge, is there not always something in us that knows, that conquers them, because it does not allow them to be apprehended? And that always separates, distant, always the same? “(Page 30), and that even in crisis,” there is also a point of a victory that we live in us. “(idem)
He ends the chapter with hope:
“Therefore, there is no reason not to despair. But we must find the promised way. “(Idem).

SANTOS, Mario Ferreira dos. Filosofia da crise, São Paulo: É realizações, 2017.