Arquivo para June 8th, 2017

Dualism e ontologie

08 Jun

If everything in the world is relational, if, as the philosopher Mário Ferreira dosDecadialética Santos says, “we do not say everything of one thing, not much, when we only classify it into a concept, for we know that in the thing there is much more that Is not of the concept that indicates it “(page 56)

Therefore to see ontologically means to see the relation between the various aspects of being and the relation between beings, what Mário Ferreira will call the deca-dialectical, ten fields of analysis of the dialectic, among which we find the idealistic opposition between subject x object, “and In the subject the field of reason and intuition ” (page 64)

The philosopher’s unique way is to break the dualism from within, that is, not to refute it, but to include it then establishes “a factual-noetic scheme of the thing: which is a representation, with an image, a sensible scheme Thing is; or rather, of what the thing symbolizes in sensible schemes. The abstract-noetic scheme, constructed by reason, is the concept “(page 64).
Always considering contradictions, “the third and fourth fields of rational ignorance and knowledge, which operate in the abstraction of abstract schemas, which, at the same time, imply those that are despised, inhibited, that is, that of updating and rational virtualization And that of intuitive updating and virtualization. “(Idem)

He makes a fundamental statement for the present (he died in 1968): “The object, not being fully grasped by us, can be considered as actuality and virtuality” (page 65)

So actuality and virtuality are fields of tension of the object, says the philosopher.

Of these fields “a being can only update what is in its form. Other possibilities may only be closer if they undergo a substantial mutation, as we shall see below. “

It is precisely in this field that the three new fields emerge: seventh, eighth, and ninth fields, where they analyze the intense and extensive aspects that arise from the tension of the object.
The quantitative is always extensive to the object, while the qualitative is intensive, and using an analogy, states that the quality is vertical, while the extensivity is horizontal, exemplifies with the green color quality, “green is greener or less green, taking As a perfect green measure, although without current possession by us, but only virtual. “(Idem)

Mechanism, he explains, is precisely the reduction of intensities to extension, in this case Mario Ferreira deduces: “there is no solution of the open crisis between these antinomies, because the reduction is abstract means of escaping it, and not understanding it dialectically,” In this case deca-dialectically.

 ‘The tenth field, of great importance in examining the facts, is that of the variant and the invariant’ (page 67), which is the awareness we must have of historicity, although Mario Ferreira does not refer to Gadamer, probably did not even know his Work for the year that he died, makes his analysis based on Einstein’s relativity.