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Substance of the universe: the Sacred Corpus

15 Jun

Contrary to what is supposed, substance is that which is permanent in things thatAlfaOmega change, and therefore the foundation of every accident, and everything is changing in the universe then what is the primordial substance, what is the genesis of the whole universe?

Interpretations can be divided into three streams: there are those who recognize only one substance (monist) stand out Spinoza and Leibniz, those who recognize two substances (dualists) that is the foundation of modern idealism, or the most common are the pluralists, The “pure” currents that come from Platonism and Aristotelianism.
All that exists is to be monistic and pluralistic, then the being is constituted of a plurality of elements that ground it as substances, but for these they can be hierarchized ontologically, for monists there is only a hierarchy that is the initial monad in the interpretation of Spinoza and Leibniz is God, in the conception of modern science, a corpuscle of electromagnetic concentration where the Big Bang occurred.
There are those who contest the Big Bang, Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom said, “The probability of us living within a simulation is close to 100%,” something like the Matrix, but to deny the substantiality of the universe is to deny apodic evidence That is accepted without demonstration).
The philosopher Franz Brentano has regained a category of scholasticism called intentionality, to define what is consciousness as that which is directed to something, his student Edmund Husserl used it to define consciousness as something intentional.
If we think so, but important that the universe exists, and it has its substantiality (its corpus), is that something or someone had intentionality of this first object, that is, created it in a “conscious” way and call it what it wants, He is a Being because he exists.
If we admit its materiality, even light can be observed in its influence on a gravitational body (see our post on NASA’s observation), even the existences of man can be demonstrated in its evolution now we know of over 300 thousand years, we must Admit substantiality, and consider the idea of ​​the initial monad as plausible, then there is a “body” formed of this original, conscious Being.
Teilhard Chardin, a paleontologist and Jesuit priest, considered the entire universe the Body of Christ, more than a mystical body, a substantial cosmic body, if anything is made of this universe, it is stored in its source and initial primary consciousness;
The apodic evidence we need to admit of a Divine Corpus, alpha and omega, beginning and end, may need little to be admitted, but in the absence of this, there remains what we call faith, never blind, nor contrary to reason,