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The holograms arrived

15 Aug

Although they are recent and there is still a lot of technology to become “augmented”AoHologram realities in our daily lives, the holograms have come down the path that is the fastest to anticipate, the art world.
In many recent environments headseats are needed to merge the hologram with the real world, and create what has become known as augmented reality, others use 2D projections or mirrors to trick our brains and see the figures in mid-air, but now the Leap into the future was audacious.
According to artist Joanie Lemercier, he imagined the technique thought in the films Minority Report and the saga Star Wars, to give life to the “no-attainment”, the vision that has of the augmented reality, and to make the visitors of his “installations” enjoy The content in its own perspective without depending on specific equipment, and for the time being, are geometric projections and forms produced in sensing (for example, a human body or an artistic piece), geometric shapes and dynamic movements to entertain the public.
But it uses “traditional” monitoring technologies such as image analysis and depth sensors to make shapes properly designed.
While the industry scenario continues to be sophisticated, this simpler scenario seems to be more effective as it resorts to existing technologies, and by creating virtually human forms (see one of Lemercier’s projections), it seems more effective.
The artist himself predicts that in the very near future, he thinks of using compressed gas and mists with fine particles of water to display projections in an environmentally harmless environment, and that they will be simulating volumetric impressions in immersive environments