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The tragedy and the destiny

16 Aug

The incomprehension of pain and tragedy in our day causes us to createAtragedia even greater chasms and pains, we are not able to embrace our own pain and the pain of others, but there is hope.
The tragedy was derived from the poetics and also from the religious tradition of Ancient Greece, having roots in the so-called dithyrambos, songs and dances performed in homage and honor to the Greek god Dionysus, whom the Greeks called the god Bacchus.
Some affirmed that the songs were created by the satyrs, who were beings that surrounded Dionysius in his fasts, that is what gave rise to the name, from the Greek words τράγος and ᾠδή, which respectively mean goat and song, originated in the word tragosoiodé, songs of goats , Hence the term drank like a goat, but the important here is the question of tragedy as pain and disenchantment, thus the derivative of in-song.
But the change, criticized by Nietzsche, was made by Euripides who lived from 480 BC to 406 BC, who opposed Sophocles for being too realistic and too pessimistic, but the world of the gods, already in Sophocles, was absent and Incomprehensible, but with Euripides became something even more distant, from where comes the modern expression “human too human.”
Thus the society of disenchantment, we like not the tragedy of life, but the tragic realism of violence, bad done and the world in disenchantment.
This is what tyrants, extremists and insiders drink, so we see a growing wave of racism, intolerance and bad politics, only tyrants can take advantage of this environment, see Charlotesville tragedy.