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Consciousness and what is the origin of Life

25 Aug

We have already pointed out in previous posts the problem of historical TeoriaDasCordasconsciousness in Dilthey’s romantic reading whose “ideal is to decode the Book of History” (Gadamer, 2006, p.11), and the question of consciousness pointed out by Gadamer himself as The “problem of introducing the hermeneutic problem from the perspective of Husserl and Heidegger” (ibid, p.10), and that in fact the author addresses his Lebensphilosophie (idem), the philosophy of life.

The problem of consciousness now seen as a metamathematics, or even as a problem of complexity, is not only a problem of a constant, of a predictable sequence, which may explain much, but not a Alpha and Omega, principio e finally, we would say almost simultaneously. Whatever the cosmogonies and eschatologies thought by human beings, they will all have something in common, we are aware of a beginning and an end, and so we can say that we are aware that “eschatological” consciousness exists.

The question in Christian culture that should echo about conscience, and indirectly of our existence since it is life, Jesus asks a sure question to his followers in the gospel of Mark: “Who do men say that I am?” They answered, “John Baptist; Others, Elijah; Others, still, one of the prophets. ” “And you” He asked, “who do you say that I am?” Asking about what kind of truth they encountered in walking with Him and seeing the facts and ideas He spread.

The fact that we have no definitive answer to the question of consciousness, I was already attentive to Gadamer is a problem of Lebensphilosophie, that is, what we think about life, and ultimately about the lives of Others, are not the Same, that is, the our Ego.

What ought to echo in our hearts is that we cannot say who we are or who we are and become aware of our own consciousness if we do not think of our Being as part of a diverse humanity where the Other is part of Being.

The equations and complexities that define life cannot nullify the life that flows into an earthly eschatology that is directed to a divine eternity, either in the Big Bang Theory (a beginning of time) or in String Theory (an abyss in time, see the figure), The physical explanation (something exists) or ontological (the Being exists), we are always aware of the necessity of consciousness, and it should guide us.

GADAMER, H.G. O problema da consciência histórica, 3ª. Edição. Rio de Janeiro: FGV, 2006, Brazil.