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What are the best plans for clouds

29 Aug

We’ve gone through floppy disks, CDs, pendrives and now it’s cloud storage,aDriveEn there are good, medium services, but the great ones are still to come.

Important detail check that when buying a tablet or notebook if it no longer has a cloud service available, most often fears the user or know how to use, is what is written as 25 GB of storage, may be more or less, but Which means lifelong storage, more secure than any other service.

If you put in the tip of the pencil, free services, you will find 5 good: Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Google Drive and iCloud, but still have ADrive, Amazon, CloudDrive and SpiderOak services that are good, even taking free A little hand in his pocket.

The Box is one of the most reliable services in the world, being a well balanced option in terms of space and security, but like some competitors, the disadvantage is the incompatibility with the Linux system.

One of the most famous cloud storage services is also one of the most robust, Dropbox has little space for storage in the free plan.

The Google product, Google Drive has considerable storage space, syncs photos automatically, has quick features, is already installed on almost all Androids and Chromebooks, making it an easy option for those who already use other services of the company.

These other plans such as ADrive came to gain prominence in recent years when it offered high storage space without cost gained market, but then it only allowed subscription plans