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Society of fatigue and suffering

01 Sep

The society of fatigue is not that of suffering, suffering is part of life, but AJesusPedrothere is the impossibility of practicing otherness, and considering the Other beyond it, individualism has changed as affirmed by the Korean-German philosopher Buyng-Chul Han A “clear division between the inside and outside … the Cold War followed the immunological scheme,” which is the metaphor of excluding the Other when it does not fit within my “epistemic” system, is outside my “logic.”

The onto-logic of the Greek “tragikos” is that in which we face our sufferings by observing where justice and politics convulse and create pathologies in our midst, the dual logic of the “they” or “we” is the belief in revenge , Hatred and war, tragic for modernity, and we still do not show signs of rupture in our tensioning systems.

The gods, whatever they were, do not want our death or our sacrifice, the ontological should contemplate the other with compassion and mercy, but can not be subject to the ethics of the Pharisees and Doctors of the Law, the portal through which we must enter is the mercy of A God who becomes death and victim for men, and not the one who makes men victims of the gods, this postmodern religion is self-righteous and merciless, condemns and does not save.
After Jesus had taught this onto-logic to the disciples, they still had and did not understand their sacrifice which was the sacrifice of a God.

We read in the Bible that Jesus already foresaw his violent death, and begins to warn his disciples who do not accept, in Matthew 16:22 it is written that Peter took Jesus aside and began to rebuke him, saying: “God forbid it , Sir! May this never happen to you! “, And he asks Peter to move away from him with that mentality.

What is suffering, the modern world does not know, is concerned with the maximum of pleasure, the hedonism advocated by utilitarians like Stuart Mill and Jeromy Bentham and any attempt to reconcile agapic happiness with erotic ecstasy, gave in what the philosopher Byung -Chul Han in his book (Portuguese edition): “In reality, the fact that the other disappears is a dramatic process, because it is a process that progresses without, unfortunately, many warns it.” (HAN, 2014, p. 5).

The French writer Emile Zolá wrote, “Suffering is the best remedy to awaken the spirit,” and Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade wrote: “education for suffering would avoid feeling it in cases that do not deserve it”, there Yes, it’s happiness.

HAN, B. C. A Agonia do Eros (The Agony of Eros), Portuguese edition, Lisbon: Relógio d’Agua, 2014