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When to see is something else to contemplate

08 Sep

There is a malaise in what it is always to say YES, children should not beDizerNo reprimanded, but the State has the right to direct their education, the students can not be contradicted in the classroom, the existence of a “positivity” has reached the absurd to institutionalize it.
This discomfort contrary to what seems to lead the individual in particular, and society as a whole facing a gap between what is really true and what is false, is no longer relativism, but the positivity of “active life” , the absence of any contemplative life.
Even in terms of the Bible, those who gather in a group seem to have achieved this positivity in a higher way, yet it is contrary to what the Bible teaches, Matthew 18: 15-16:
“If your brother sins against you, he will correct you,
but in particular, alone with you!
If he hears you, you have earned your brother.
If he does not hear you,
take with you another one or two people,
for the whole matter to be decided
under the word of two or three witnesses. ”
It must be understood that this refers to justice, since witnesses must be called to say what is in fact being corrected, it is not Manichaean morality and still less those matters, which are important, but which remain within the scope of religiosity .
It is necessary, above all, to separate what is positive from the negative outside Manichaeism, had already clarified it in our VER post, where the philosopher Chyul Han had stated that: “enabling the eye to a deep and contemplative attention, a slow and slow look “(HAN, 2015, p. 51), being subject to always” positive “stimuli actually frustrates us and does not really push us forward, into the” active vita. “