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Smartphone recognizing surface

12 Sep

Researchers at this university have created a type of camera called SpeCam that can EmReuniaoEnrecognize the surface that the smartphone is and set different tasks for it.
For example, if the phone rings and you put it upside down on the laptop, it could send a message to the caller saying “sorry, I’m in a meeting” or put it in your pocket could suggest to another colleague.
SpeCam is actually a program that allows existing phones to use the camera’s function to recognize different materials to which the smartphones are exposed, linked to a database that recognizes the fabric and links it to a message.
The work was presented in the recent 19th. International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction by Mobile Devices and Services, ACM SIGHI MOBILEHCI 2017, Vienna Austria, on Wednesday, September 6 by researchers led by Aaron Quigley.
“This is an example of what we call Discrete Computing or discrete interaction, where subtle and subtle user actions can result in entirely new forms of interaction. , recognize materials, all surfaces around us become a screen for our imagination. ”
SpeCam cleverly uses the display / display on a smartphone as a multi-spectral light source and the front camera to capture the reflection of the material that has been placed face up.
SpeCam: Sensing Surface Color and Material with Front-Facing Camera of a Mobile Device” received an honorable mention award at MobileHCI, one of five such articles throughout the the program.