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Resentments in Social Forgiveness

15 Sep

The essence of ethics in times of relativism is an instrumental ethic that aoPerdoarserves specific interests and does not contemplate society as a whole, maintaining principles and not distancing oneself from what is just, it is necessary to have clear principles and not get rid of resentments . What prevents us from meeting the other, and overcoming the barriers of an increasingly individualized social logic, or closed in groups, is listening, but also forgiveness.

We do not allow the other to overcome their own problems and mistakes and start their life from forgiveness, and even from reconciliation if possible, opening up when they start over. Also about this Shakespeare said: “Holding resentment is like taking a poison and waiting for the other person to die ?”, so the first one interested in forgiveness is the one who keeps grudges and lifelong bonuses, poisoning themselves.

It is significant the passage in Matthew 28: 21-22, when responding to Peter how often they should be forgiven, Jesus answered him I do not tell you up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven. ”

But from the social point of view, the issue is broader, it is necessary to overcome the past, especially in the sense of change, social revenge is the most serious impediment to change and allows historical setbacks.

Sloterdijk wrote in The same boat, essay on hyperpolitics, alluding to the last man of Nietzsche, the last man in the individualism of the industrial age is not only the sociable positivist who invented happiness, with his little daytime desire and his little nocturnal desire … They live the feeling of no return; the individual individuated to the limit wants a self-rewarding experience … ” (Sloterdijk, 1993, p. 88-89).