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The quantum internet is coming

18 Sep

While 5G connections promise to be a reality in the year 2019, researchers aQuantumInternetfrom Australia are moving towards building an internet based on the foundations of quantum laws. Researchers at the National University of Australia (ANU) published last Monday in Science Daily, a type of crystal structure reinforced with erbium material that can take advantage of quantum mechanical properties to make the entire World Network.

The group’s coordinator, Professor Matthew Sellars, said: “Efforts to build a quantum computer have often been described as the ’21st century space race’, but today’s computers were not aware of their potential until we internet, “and that this could unleash the” potential of future quantum computers. ” The result that was discredited a decade ago, now: “Seeing this result, it’s great to know that our focus was the right one,” Sellars said.

The bottleneck of computing is not so much the processing speed that continues to grow as slower storage time and growing linearly, as an old law called Moore’s law states, since a quantum memory is compatible with telecommunications, which is the challenge of researchers today. Researcher Rose Ahlefeld (photo with Sellars), who participates in the project, noted: “A telecommunications-compatible quantum memory is a vital component of a practical quantum internet,” and this possibility will be the quantum leap in the digital world.

The material built as the erbium is compatible with current optical fibers and in addition will be able to connect with many types of quantum computers, including silicon qubits in various prototypes and also at the Australian university