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Androids hunter is replicating

09 Oct

The replicant means a machine with humanoid features and in few things besides theaoBladeRunner feature approaches the human, in the case of Blade Runner androids 2049, the eye or rather the bottom of the iris that has an orange tone is the great differential, but being a machine has characteristics that are superhuman, for example, strength, speed and many other characteristics may be human, but robots would have soul?
Or ask the most common question in the media, robots slept counting sheep that are machines, though the strongest question since the beginning of the first version of the 1982 movie, is whether Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), the android hunter is a also android.
A question that the director has already answered affirmatively, but there is a hint in the film when he tells us that he dreamed of a unicorn (the reference is already by our classification a replicant because it has superhuman things like a horn), and someone already knew his dream, that is, the replicants have even their projected dreams, but because the “creator” has preserved it, a question that he himself makes.
Or another dialogue by Rick Deckard clarifies: “Replicants are just like any other machine – they are a benefit or a danger. If they are a benefit, it is not my problem “, that is, it is important to build a machine so that it can take care of the danger that others offer.
But this is enlightening in another point as well, there are humans worried about the machines and this means that without knowing that there are dangers, in the dialogue Deckard says like any other should not be a hindrance to its existence, the bottleneck in the background is fear, for this in my opinion there is always this somber tone in the first and second version, called by the cult refinement of “noir”.
Machines and advances always bring problems, they dislodge things from the comfort zone, but there is no way to make an omelet without breaking the eggs, you have to see the ones that are rotten, the “dark” computers of the 2001 Odyssey have passed, the androids will pass , the future belongs to us, man is the protagonist of his future, or at least he must wish to be.