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And quantum computing

23 Oct

While digital computing works with 0 and 1, quantum computing aCompQubitcan use a concept of 0 and 1 simultaneously, an effect known by physicists as “interlacing” and when it was enunciated was called “ghosting” by Einstein, Podoslki and Rosen. known by the acronym EPR.
This phenomenon allows the processing of several simultaneous operations, the qbits (quantum bits) may use the following principles of photon processing:
– light particles, light has properties of particles,
– ions trapped or ion trap, area known with spintronics,
– superconducting qubits, processing the speed of light practically, and,
– nitrogen vacancy center, a phenomenon already observed in imperfect diamonds.
Quantum computers will create new applications, such as modeling variations of chemical reactions to discover new drugs, developing new imaging technologies (holograms applied to communication, and developments in batteries and new materials and flexible electronics).
But the most revolutionary application will be the quantum internet, totally using light particles (photons), there is also a proposal that uses light interacting with matter, the future awaits us.
The projects are still under development, but already with many results.