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The constant of Tsallis, a Brazilian-greek

25 Oct

The expansion of the universe, speculation from the idea of gas expansion,aoTsallis which gave rise to the Big Bang Theory is now one of the most accepted theories about the creation of the universe.
There is a consequence that has been made from the so-called extensive statistical mechanics, which was published in a recent work by Constantin Tsallis in Springer: Introduction to nonextensive statistical mechanics: approaching a complex world, which generalizes the Boltzmann-Gibbs theory still more fundamental than entropy because it includes current results.
The generalization of Entropy that was reformulated in 1998 by Tsallis is a result of relevance to physics and has often been debated by world physics theory, it more accurately describes the power law behaviors of a wide range of phenomena such as such as the turbulence of fluids to fragments in high energy particle collisions.
Applications range from fluid mechanics to detection and breast cancer to the creation of new materials.
Those interested in details can read Tsallis´ Statistics, Statistical Mechanics for Non-Extensive Systems and Long-Range Interactions, Constantino Tsallis will be at the EBICC starting next week at USP – SP – Brazil.

Constantino Tsallis was born in Greece, grew up in Argentine and also has Brazilian nacionality, it will be a great pride if they recognize the importance of his work for physics.