Arquivo para October 26th, 2017

The Other, complexity and education

26 Oct

The preoccupation with identity has brought about modernity and with Ooutrothe question of individual freedom it expands, we have already posed last week about the difference between ethics and ethics, which brings with it the question of individuality as subjectivity, subjects and objects are separated from the origin of liberal thought, now entering the twilight.
The modern problem is to make human conviviality “humanized”, based on justice, solidarity and values that include respect for the other, has become one of the greatest challenges of human coexistence today.
Many seem to no longer believe that these values should be observed in social and personal life, politics and economic relations, and what is sadder, even in religious thought where love, charity or compassion should be observed to the Other.
Relation between humans is complex, not simplify its.
There is a desire to transgress any imposed threshold, question more elementary values, and confuse freedom with self-determination, sometimes personal, sometimes in groups.
Ethical education presupposes this process of orientation toward conscious freedom, so dialogue about what is consciousness is not secondary, and consciousness only makes sense if it is awareness of something, so thinking about what is society, politics and religion is essential.
Just as it does not make sense to “oblige” one to respect the other, but it is possible to provide opportunities to make relationships between people more just and supportive, while trying to combat unfair preconceptions, in the hermeneutic circle the philosopher Hans Georg Gadamer explains that we all have preconceptions, which are ultimately the values that govern our lives, questioning them and putting them in discussion is essential.
By means of an ethical pedagogy, the conditions for the common good and mutual respect are created, in the end, for the realization of individuals as ethical subjects, in society the fundamental common good for all, in justice to accept legal norms for everyone and for every one and in religion would be fundamental remembers the “new commandment”: love your neighbor.