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Paradise Papers” and Global Corruption

13 Nov

After SwissLeaks (see our post) and Panama papers (another post),asBermudas new tax havens are now emerging in islets around the world, denounced as “Paradise papers”. The complaint, which involves the network of investigative journalists from more than 80 countries, denounces tax fraud based on the leakage of 13.5 million financial documents from an international law firm based in the Bermuda Islands, Appleby, which were first obtained by the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung. Among the world’s personalities are the British Crown, the singer Maddona and the world champion of formula 1 Louis Hamilton, but they appear the minister Henrique Meirelles of the Farm and the minister Blairo Maggi of the agriculture, besides the businessman Paulo Leman. Owner of Ambev, the Heinz brand and the Burger King chain of restaurants. According to the report people linked to Trump as trade secretary Wilbur Ross, and linked to Russia’s Putin as his son-in-law, plus more than 100 multinational corporations, such as Apple, Nike and Uber, run away from taxes by skilful accounting maneuvers. Having money in paradises does not mean acts of corruption, but finding tax havens with low taxation, and using offshore companies (to the letter off the back, that is to say without much oversight) may be a sign of currency evasion and also corruption. The information details financial transactions of more than 120,000 people since 1950 and 2016, according to the BBC London is not a leak, but a flood. To paraphrase a journalist, “the world must be clean”, a new planetary citizenship should emerge that no longer supports this, and according to Big Data’s analysis in Brazil, the word corruption was the most cited this year here, perhaps it is the ” year of corruption. “