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My darks of the 2018 Oscar

29 Dec

Mudbound, Tears on the Mississippi is one of my favorites, of course aoBladeRunnernot yet released in Brazil (scheduled for February 22), but the theme attracts me and perhaps also get ahead by addressing the unprecedented theme of racism and feminism during 2nd World War, has in the cast: Garrett Hedlund, Jason Mitchell and Carey Mulligan.

Annihilation is a film in the line of Ex-Machina, which impressed critics a lot (it only will be won special effects), now after the great success of Ex-Machina: Artificial Instinct (Oscar winner for best special effects), director Alex Garland prepares another science fiction, about a biologist participating in an experience in which the laws of nature do not exist, in the cast are Natalie Portman in the lead role, alongside Oscar Isaac, Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez and Jennifer Jason Leigh.
One of the good old films forgotten last year was The Lobster from the Greek Yorgos Lanthimos, perhaps being one of the writers and directors of the most creative contemporary filmmakers, now with a family drama may have some chance, with a partnership with Colin Farrell in this new mix of drama and suspense, about a surgeon and his wife (Nicole Kidman), transforming the life of a troubled family, the Sacrifice of the Sacred Deer is scheduled to launch in Brazil on February 8.
A film that may surprise, is The King of the Show, by unknown director Michael Gracey, a digital effects expert, but the film is about a circus that charmed the US Barnum & Bailey, just the story of PT Barnum with good actors Rebecca Ferguson, Michelle Williams, with the special effects and the visual of the time is a good promise.
He was expecting something for Blade Runner 2049 (from director Ridley Scott), Harrison Ford repeating the role 35 years later, K (Ryan Goslind) and Joi (Ana de Armas) (photo), but the cult movie plus and box office less, has few chances, perhaps a tribute to the whole of the work for Harrison Ford, I continue to cheer, is an epic of fictions.
I am out of the Glamour of the best actors and actresses, directors and co-stars since the “white” Oscar of 2016, I consider the indications more politically correct and not artistically correct.

The technologies that will dominate 2018

28 Dec

One is undoubtedly the order of the day, but it must grow until 2021, it isaInternet2018 Virtual and Augmented Realities, with the difference that the first is the creation of a totally virtual environment while the second is an insertion of virtualities in the real environment, the Pokemon Go, second version of the little monsters grew in 2017.

Estimates from research groups such as Gartner and TechCrunch, is market will move more than 100 billion dollars by 2021, as next year is from Copa, Japan by example promises unprecedented broadcasts to 2022 in Quatar.

The internet of things is increasing its possibilities, how much we thought that the technology of networks 5G was distant in the USA already is in operation in many places and could be a reality next year, with this the internet of the things that depends on this transmission efficiency can reach new directions such as water systems, low cost energy and sophisticated traffic control systems, finally entering the IoT (Interner of Things) in people’s lives.

Another concern, but we do not know if the systems will become more efficient, are the security systems this year WannaCry affected telephone systems and FedEX, among others, reaching up to affect more than 150 countries, there are promises for 2018. Data production reached 2.5 exabytes per day (1 exabyte = 10 ^ 18 bytes), and BigData’s technology came to stay, but an important ally in the handling and handling of this data should be Artificial Intelligence (in Picture vision abourt polygonal brain), the intelligent agents that will dominate the Web 4.0 should appear this year, but the forecast to become reality on the Web is for 2020.

3D printer and nanotechnology are already reality, but should move forward, as well as the early reality of the 5G internet, we posted yesterday yesterday the “novelty” gadgets, the conceptual smartphone and the 360-degree camera, in technology sometimes surprise these things bombing the practical reality.

The technology is part of the history of humanity, we will post tomorrow about the year 2017, in facts.


Technology and bad news in 2017

27 Dec

The brazilian Minister of Technologies Gilberto Kassab announced inGoProFusion January this year that broadband would have limited data, and mobilization of users and even Anatel was immediate, also this month the good old Nokia (now global HMD) announced its membership in the Android system, which is becoming more universal.
In January South Korean Samsung admitted the problems of explosions with Galaxy Note 7.
February was marked by a series of smartphones, such as the revived design of the Nokia 3310, without the same immediate success of the first generation the Pokemon Go hit the market.
In March Nintendo released the console Switch, the ZenFone 3 Zoom is released in Brazil, as well as the Galaxys S8 and S8+.
April was the month of the alert, the play of bad taste Blue Whale began to proliferate, there was also the case of the boy from Acre who left encrypted messages and disappeared.
May was the month of the ransomware virus WannaCry, which affected Telefonica Compay and FedEx, in 3 days the virus was neutralized, but the collection of bitcoins for captured files yielded a million probably the author has not yet been identified.
In June variations of the WannaCry affected possibly the origin has been in Russia.
In July, the virtual mural application Sarahah appears, the app is controversial because different from the spinners (virtual ads), allows the anonymity that can be source of blows.
In August Andy Rubin, considered the father of Android, launches the concept of Essential Phone, but like most Big Thing projects in the digital world, still lacks evolutions.
September was the same as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, as well as a commemorative edition of the iPhone X version ten years ago, but the Chinese Xiomi with Mi Mix 2 and ZenFone 4 appeared on the market.
September was the same as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, as well as a commemorative edition of the iPhone X version ten years ago, but the Chinese Xiomi with Mi Mix 2 and ZenFone 4 appeared on the market.
A new attempt at a revolutionary model was the GoPro Fusion (Picture), with a 360 degree camera.
October Google launches Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL after the purchase of the HTC division.
November launched them to begin to rarify, but Razer launched the Razer Phone, and Tesla launched the semi-automatic and electric truck, but still subject to evolutions.
December brings the worst news, Trump’s idea of taking away the neutrality of the internet (companies would have more “band”) begins to thrive, would the end and total commodification be? we hope not, while technology fear is advanced, monopolies make the party.


What we can read in 2018

26 Dec

One of the books in my stack of new reading is Sapiens – a brief history of aMãohumanity by Yuval Noah Harari, the original English edition is 2015, but the Portuguese edition that comes to Brazil, by the editors of Porto Alegre LP & M in Brazil , it is 2017 with translation by Janaí­na Marcoantonio, just leaf through until now, but I already feel the weight of the book as from the opening chapter The cognitive revolution, with the topic an insignificant animal, until the Scientific Revolution, with the first topic: the discovery of ignorance.

We have already punctuated in several posts about the discovery of the Chauvet Cave, the book opens The cognitive revolution with a human hand (picture inside) in this cave of 30 thousand years ago, a painting the first chapter that I have already begun to read.

Whoever wants to make a counterpoint, a classic book (my brother pointed out to me) is H.G. Wells’ book, it goes back to the very beginning of the universe. Published in 1922, A Brief History of the World is a panorama about the planet and humanity, from the appearance of living beings, through the origin of peoples, religions, great navigations, wars, Industrial Revolution until the First War World, the book is from 1922, and curiously it is also from LP & M, in brazilian edition.

I’m going to Portugal next year, at least I want to go (yes it’s the money), launched in November the book by Ricardo Araujo Pereira: “Reacctionary with two c´s”, speaks of the conservative wave in Portugal, but I think it should also speak of Europe and around the world, his book “Illness, Suffering and Death Go into a Bar” was a complete success with 40,000 copies sold, this new one should not be different.

A book that I have already read and I will reread is the Byung-Chul Han’s “Society of Tiredness”, in a whole new light, it traces the profile of a society that can not, for more goods, produce a human being greater happiness and speaks of an absence of meaning of life, the end that criticism does not taste is very good, worth reading.

Speaking of the happiness of Augusto Cury, but this time with several authors, the happiest man in history – several authors, I do not know if he will comment other authors or if it will include them in his reflection, but this does not matter, it seems that the already consecrated author has reached maturity in the search for a collective discourse, is already among the most sold in Brazil.

Among these four there is no sequel, but would say so for those most concerned with politics, and they are right, would start with the Portuguese Ricardo Araujo Pereira, and would end with Augusto Cury, for the lazy would end up with Sapiens – a brief history of humanity , because it is dense and great too, it has 448 pages without counting the index.

The lazy reader can still start with the Byung-Chul book which is only 128 pages in small format (this giving almost half A4 in Brazilian edition).

Of course there are many other readings, but if you read 4 books a year, at the end of your life you will be a thinker, living on average 70 years and discounting the 14 of adolescence, although we can read children’s books and for young people, 56 years x 4 books, 224 books and you is a great lecture


Language, the Word and Christmas

22 Dec

Speech, language and semiotic language may seem the same thing but is not right, speechAMaryScripture refers to the utterance of a statement, the language to which particular people speak, for example, Portuguese and English, while language involves the complex structure of communication human, signs is diferent in diferent speech languages.
The most common of course, and the one we all do on a daily basis is speech, may not always have the syntactic correction of our language, in the Brazilian case Portuguese, but somehow we try to make ourselves understood by the other.
Language is something more complex, so complex than studies and the way language is used, words have taken on a deeper meaning, where the word has not only an origin (we say etymological, which means study and origin of words), then the word has a more fundamental meaning than that which it presents in speech.
Nominalist and realists diverged in philosophy until the end of the Middle Ages, none won because it overcame the idealism that separates subject and object, the resumption of linguistic turning is also a resumption of realism, but both still have an incomplete formulation, much of contemporary literature oscillates between realism and nominalism.
The complete meaning of the linguistic shift is that where the overcoming of subject and object dualism occurs, the realists argue that it is the material causes that define what is “real”, the modernist subjectivists claim that the real is formulated by the mind to a certain extent approaching idealism, we can mention among them since Hobbes, reaching the neo-positivists Rudolf Carnap and the linguist Ludwig Wittegenstein.
Its origin is also important for theology where John Roscelino (deceased in 1120), who despite the misunderstandings was the master of the great Abelard, created a nominalism that cast doubt on the Trinitarian dogma of God, not by chance, because all dualism is based on the idealistic principle: the being is and the non-being is not, without third hypothesis.
One can make an interesting connection like Christmas, if we think of the figure of Mary, icon for Catholics and Orthodox, and some Oriental churches, and the Word of Made Person.
It is Christmas starting, the Advent is finish,  and Mary is special for this story, was born the Word: Jesus.


Different Christmas Celebrations in the World

21 Dec

One of the curious celebrations is the one made in the city of San Fernando, in theaoNatalEstranhoEN Philippines, there happened the Giant Lantern Festival (Ligligan Parul Sampernandu), for this the city is called “capital of Christmas in the Philippines”.
In Sweden, a 13-meter gold goat made at the Christmas of 1966 in the Gävle Castle square is made at the advent, and people try to burn it, having succeeded 29 times, the last was last year.
Another Christmas that could not be different is in Japan, as well as beautiful traditions such as visiting sick people, offering gifts and decorations with lights that exist worldwide, a new concept that has emerged with American influences is the Christmas banquet From Kentuchy Fried Chicken, as the name says.
Finally he could not register the surprise Iceland, which after the crisis of 2008 resurfaced, is in the Soccer World Cup and also appear at Christmas with 13 characters, similar to the Trolls of the drawings, which are called Yule Lads (Jólasveinarnir or Jólasveinar in Icelandic), they visit children in 13 nights until Christmas, children put their shoes on the windows, leave good gifts for good boys and bad potatoes for those who misbehaved.
There are other strange natalies in Americana Americana, as in Venezuela that for strange reasons go of Patins in the Churches, in Colombia the people in honor to the Virgin Mary and the Immaculate Conception (its day is 8 of December), they make a Christmas of the old ladies, many differents in others Christmas.


Does the essence of Christmas exist?

20 Dec

In essence Christmas exists, because a fact before anything else happened, aF1largea special child was born in Bethlehem, it is recorded in history because the Roman emperor Cesar Augustus at the time decided to make a recess, so this was born and recorded.

This spirit is reserved for more religious people, and even among these some do not like Christmas, of course Santa Claus is just the allusion to a famous brand of drink, this is not what we are talking about, but the desire for solidarity, love between men, does it exist?

A scientific study, published in the British Medical Journal, surveyed twenty people living in an area of ​​Copenhagen, Denmark, who were divided into two groups: ten who traditionally celebrate Christmas and others who do not celebrate.
Each of them was observed in this period, in allusion to the symbols that are in the previous post, but not only these, were placed 84 images for 2 seconds each: after 6 consecutive thematic shots on the Christmas were placed 6 of the daily life (streets, foods , etc.).
Researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging (parts of the brain where emotions are set), seeing changes in blood oxygenation and flow that occur in the brain in response to the neuronal activities in each group.

Maps were then produced showing which areas of the brain are most involved during a particular mental process, and the result was very interesting.

The answers to the questionnaire, made about their traditions of Christmas, the feelings of Christmas and their ethnicity. This analysis identified five areas that had a greater activation in the Christmas party in the face of thematic images.

The article explains that “this is the primary motor and pre-motor cortex, the right lower lobe and upper parietal and bilaterare primary somatosensory left cortex,” the research states.

These are the areas associated among other things like spirituality and romanticism, more than this then it can be said that there are ‘areas of the brain of Christmas’, in fact, Christmas exists.

The survey was conducted Christmas 2015, by the British Medical Journal.


Languages, Symbols and Christmas

19 Dec

If language can be roughly the “restricted” capacity of human beings to expressaosSimbolosNatal feelings, sensations, transmit and transmit information, opinions or even the simple exchange of data today encoded and transmitted at a distance by electronic and digital devices, we can say that it differs from the word, because it is linked to a syntax and a norm.

Although linguistic studies allude to the sign or its in a triad that we can call signifier, sign and meaning, but this division proposes that the meaning and the signifier are united in a whole, for example, the sound of the word tree refers to the meaning of the which is a tree, but in the ontological sense the tree is independent of the sound, because it could be in Portuguese “árvores” or even the design of a pine tree or another tree.
The reason we are fixed in these linguistic meanings is historical, we have known until recently oral and verbal language, the pictorial and now the animated visuals are recent, although at the root of the writing is the pictorial, see the primitive paintings on the rocks.

The Christmas symbols, the decorated tree represents the tree of life and the pine tree as a symbol tree in colder countries where they resist the low temperatures, the garland that can have several adornments, appeared in ancient Rome, where it is also cold in this period, and believed to represent health, resistance to the cold of winter, with branches of trees (usually also pine), fruits, ribbons and even stones.
The garlands are also known as advent wreaths, but these are made from 4 candles that indicate 4 weeks of preparation, used in the advent time, in the case of Brazil colors are an allusion to the indigenous and black culture.
Of course, it should be the most important thing that is the crib of the boy Jesus, made for the first time by Saint Francis, who wanted to remember the poverty and delicacy of the boy Jesus, who does not fit the idea of ​​power and profit.

Then we allude to the symbolic language, from the Greek symballein of the Latin symbalum are the things that mark and aggregate, also the philosopher Leibniz defined the language as having a structure that combines symbols, called this form of Characteristic Universalis, and symbols used is special for this.


Religious Apostasy and Last Advent Week

18 Dec

Modern apostasy happens differently from biblical times, which were also times aChamaof Greek culture and parallels are possible, but today’s is the appropriateness and appropriateness to “modern times” by abandoning assumptions of faith.
It means that in keeping with the nominal definition of “Christian”, three fundamental presuppositions of Christian theology are abandoned: faith itself, which does not mean being blind but seeing beyond what is visible what we can also do by reason, see St. Thomas Aquinas, and others, the hope of seeing a better future beyond all apocalyptic vision of reality and advent has much to do with it, and charity, rather than agape Love, is an aid given by the Holy Spirit present in the soul of the one who believes and puts it into “life.”
It is in YouCat (306), a catechism of the Catholic Church made for its believers, charity is “the theological virtue by which we love God above all things, for ourselves, and our neighbor as ourselves, for love of God,” one can clearly see that even agapic love escapes.
Yes, but a parallel is possible with philosophy, agape (in ancient Greek culture it is distinguished from love affiliation and eros love), it is true that the pope and thinker Benedict XVI in his encyclical “God caritas est” reminds us that love oblative is the one who seeks good and peace for all human beings, and in this sense, agape recalls and approaches “love caritas”.
On hope, says the popular songbook she has a young sister who calls herself “freedom”, so hope should be a free adhesion of those who believe and expect “active” and fraternally striving for the future to come, then there is a connection with the advent, that and that (which is the caritas God) that will come to the rescue of men.
The apostasy over Christmas is to confuse the consumer party, the period of preparation (there is an ADVENT before) and even among Christians, in addition to those who deny birth, as if it were possible for an adult only Jesus and would be little human of course, and also those who because of the political and economic situation devalue this birth as something fundamental to have a more hopeful, charitable and with a lot of faith in a future that will come, then deny the very effort for this journey.
There is a wick that smokes, seems fragile and delicate, but in it we have a hope of light


Encontrar veredas e aplainar caminhos

15 Dec

The  Isaiah was called a prophet of consolation because he encouraged theasVeredas Hebrew people to say that a new path would be opened, and it was before John the Baptist that more explained the “advent” of the birth of Jesus and even the last prophet that was John Batista.
In saying, “Prepare the way of the Lord, flatten his paths” (Lk 3: 4) has a little difference from the gospel of John: ‘I am the voice that cries in the wilderness,’ flatten the way of the Lord ‘- as I said or prophet Isaiah. (Jn 1:23), because paths, which are “hidden” paths or in philosophy say that they must be “unveiled”, although in fact, already exist signs are not really easy to be found, then paths.
John the Baptist in announcing the public life of Jesus, as they both passed through the wilderness, Jesus also walked 40 days through the wilderness, encountered difficulties, the most cruel temptations, but then went public, knowing that he would have to speak truths and be of fact a new “advent”.
The Christian mystic Chiara Lubich, in one of her words of life (I wrote them monthly), wrote in December 1982: “Each of us is called to prepare the way for Jesus who wants to enter our life. It is necessary, then, to flatten the paths of our existence so that it may come to dwell in us … eliminating all obstacles: those placed by our limited way of living, by our weak will. ”
Finding paths requires a careful look, at first they seem shortcuts, sometimes difficult and not very promising, but lead us to the new, to the “advent”, what is to come is always new and can bring us true peace, that which is not which may seem distant, is usually there on a sidewalk.