Arquivo para December 1st, 2017

Noosphere and vigilance

01 Dec

There is a planetary and even cosmic consciousness if we think of the noosphereaOraçãoEn of the spirit or mind (noon – spirit or mind, sphere), as that which affects all mankind and perhaps all the celestial body, and if we are bound in it we will arrive to a great cosmological or cosmogonic consciousness.

In a concrete way, the planet undergoes changes, which we post during this week some comments from the analyzes of Edgar Morin and Petr Sloterdijk, there are others of course, as the diverse concerns of great thinkers who are in “The world has no more time to lose”  (GOLDMAN, 2014).
We speak of “visions” of Sloterdijk, and watching is linked to “seeing with attention” and we also have to think that we can emanate good thoughts and feelings to the planet and the cosmos, for this the passage of the evangelist Mark was consecrated as “Play and vigilance” (MC 13: 33-37), where he compares this oversight to the arrival of the steward who left the house (in this case, our house of abode the Earth or the Cosmos) for the employees to take care of and expects them to take care of it.
One can think in apocalyptic terms, but the true eschatological sense is “to be attentive” because the development of the peoples (in the fullness is the kingdom of God) is being constructed and sometimes, in case of the present moment of humanity, to go forward and not fall into setbacks that are possible, such as wars and inequalities.
Therefore, to ask, pray and speak of this “future development” both human and in each one of its dimensions (spiritual, material, intellectual and affective), means to internalize and meditate on these changes, so “to pray” does not just mean and meaningless, but wish for progress for all.
For Catholics and Lutherans, “Advent” (Christmas period) is a propitious time for this “coming”, as one of these “visions”, the fraternal of human consciousness, now of planetary citizenship, this is the noosphere of this time.