Arquivo para December 8th, 2017

Change thinking and prepar the way of Lord

08 Dec

What paths should we prepare today, in times of hatred, divisions,
intolerances, apocalyptic and integrated emergence (Umberto Eco would say), and there is no way to prepare a new path, without a new thought, and there are new things, veil of views.
It is as the prophet Isaiah said about the coming of John the Baptist according to Mark (Mark 1,2-3): “Behold, I send my messenger before thee, to prepare thy way. This is the voice of one who cries out in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his roads!’ “, but what roads must be prepared in this day and age, what a desert we have gone through.
It is certainly not for the Savior’s return, nor do we want any more Saviors of the Fatherland, we need the path to be prepared for a new conscience, different from the idealist who built modernity, Enlightenment or elitist Encyclopedism.
If Heidegger announces that we must take up a new question, the question of “being,” it should not and can not be separated from a wider social context, less inequalities, more religious tolerance, acceptance of ethnic, cultural and gender diversity, but without the ideological rancor that warms the mood and hinders progress.
To retake the essential questions of Being means to return to the real dramas of humanity that go beyond hunger and exploitation, which are far more consequences of existing models than the origin of this model, it was thought in an idealistic way, that developing more would have more distribution of the human on the planet and fewer explorations from various angles and senses, what we see as the final product says this premise was false.
Perhaps returning to the essential questions of what Being is, we will better understand what it is to be man and his relation to everything that is his existence.
Preparing the ways means then to prepare the way for a more promising future, where the Being is at the center of the activity and not the Self.