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Path of salvation and the advent

12 Dec

The book written by brazilian writer Jorge de Andrade between the years aVeredaDaSalvação1957 and 1963 was taken to the cinema in 1965 in an adaptation of the text for the theater of Jorge de Andrade, tells the story of the oppression in the field, and as it has a mystical exit, a montage made in 1964 under the direction of Antunes Filho was questioned by both the right and the left parties and at the time it was a failure, an assembly later in 2003 led by professor-director Marcelo Bones, with graduates of the Palace of the Arts (Palácio das Artes), all beginners.
The film directed by Anselmo Duarte (photo) tells of poor rural producers in the Northeast who join a messianic group led by Joaquim (made by actor Raul Cortez) who believes he is the reincarnation and Jesus Christ and promises his followers the road to paradise, which is the “path of salvation”, but as every false messiah slowly complicates himself.
Exercising power over the peasants, Joaquim pursues Artuliana (Ester Mellinger), who is pregnant, and asks his followers to take her son away, accusing her of being persecuted by the devil.
The film follows poor rural farmers in the Brazilian Northeast who join a messianic group, led by Joaquim (Raul Cortez), who believes he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Joaquim promises to his followers that he will show them the way to paradise, the “path of salvation” of the title of the film.
With power over the peasants, the character of Raul Cortez begins to persecute those who do not pay him obedience, especially Artuliana (Esther Mellinger). Joaquim orders his followers to take the son of Artuliana, who is pregnant, accusing her of being possessed by the devil.
The film besides Raul Cortez has the participation of Lélia Abramo, José Parisi and Maria Isabel de Lizandra, and the history of messianism is nothing other than the history of Brazil, in pre-election times it is not difficult to pay attention to miracle workers and false prophets who vow to “defend the people” and promise false paths.
Roland Barthes, in his book Critique and Truth notes that the French term fait divers is structured from a search for a general news, something like a meeting.
The paths are hidden paths, what paths can be thought for the country in the coming years, what to expect for an brazilians elections in next year?.