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Religious Apostasy and Last Advent Week

18 Dec

Modern apostasy happens differently from biblical times, which were also times aChamaof Greek culture and parallels are possible, but today’s is the appropriateness and appropriateness to “modern times” by abandoning assumptions of faith.
It means that in keeping with the nominal definition of “Christian”, three fundamental presuppositions of Christian theology are abandoned: faith itself, which does not mean being blind but seeing beyond what is visible what we can also do by reason, see St. Thomas Aquinas, and others, the hope of seeing a better future beyond all apocalyptic vision of reality and advent has much to do with it, and charity, rather than agape Love, is an aid given by the Holy Spirit present in the soul of the one who believes and puts it into “life.”
It is in YouCat (306), a catechism of the Catholic Church made for its believers, charity is “the theological virtue by which we love God above all things, for ourselves, and our neighbor as ourselves, for love of God,” one can clearly see that even agapic love escapes.
Yes, but a parallel is possible with philosophy, agape (in ancient Greek culture it is distinguished from love affiliation and eros love), it is true that the pope and thinker Benedict XVI in his encyclical “God caritas est” reminds us that love oblative is the one who seeks good and peace for all human beings, and in this sense, agape recalls and approaches “love caritas”.
On hope, says the popular songbook she has a young sister who calls herself “freedom”, so hope should be a free adhesion of those who believe and expect “active” and fraternally striving for the future to come, then there is a connection with the advent, that and that (which is the caritas God) that will come to the rescue of men.
The apostasy over Christmas is to confuse the consumer party, the period of preparation (there is an ADVENT before) and even among Christians, in addition to those who deny birth, as if it were possible for an adult only Jesus and would be little human of course, and also those who because of the political and economic situation devalue this birth as something fundamental to have a more hopeful, charitable and with a lot of faith in a future that will come, then deny the very effort for this journey.
There is a wick that smokes, seems fragile and delicate, but in it we have a hope of light